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Phoenix Gold Launches EQ9.0, 9-Band Equalizer

CLEARWATER, FL (08.08.2018) – Phoenix Gold has announced its EQ9.0 equalizer for automotive use. The EQ9.0 employs 9 bands of equalization to help you get the detailed sound you want in your vehicle’s audio system. Precise controls make it easy to keep treble and bass in perfect balance.

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The incredible tuning control of Phoenix Gold’s EQ9.0 is controlled through precision matched potentiometers, which make constant, noise-free operation possible. This 9-band equalizer uses TrueTune technology that is measured and confirmed by Audio Precision up-to-the-minute test equipment, and therefore ready for pairing with Phoenix Gold amplifiers, which are also TrueTune tested. Not just limited to Phoenix Gold installs; EQ9.0, is universal, built to accompany anyone looking to fine tune their system.

The EQ9.0 connects easily to any aftermarket head unit, thanks to its RCA AUX inputs, simplifying the integration into your current or new complete audio system. No matter your audio source, you can adjust levels easily thanks to the variable gain. The signal that reaches your speakers is always clean, correct, and noise-free thanks to the adjustable 9-volt output that provides maximum performance in all situations.


Those audiophiles who think it’s all about that bass will love EQ9.0. An independent subwoofer level control is designed for those moments when you want to drive that bass up. In addition, a selectable low-pass filter at 45 or 60 Hz connects to both main and AUX inputs to deliver impeccable, heart thumping, bass performance.

Other audiophile-pleasing features of the EQ9.0 9-band equalizer include low output impedance and high input impedance that contribute to its noise free operation and universal compatibility. In addition, flat frequency response, an excellent signal-to-noise ratio, and high output voltages combine to deliver the kind of precise, controllable sound you want to enjoy wherever your journey takes you.

EQ9.0 is available from Phoenix Authorized Dealers now, and has an MSRP of $149.99.

Visit phoenixgold.com for more.


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