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Patented BoomStick Brings Any Event to Life

BRAZORIA, TX (09.09.2019) – BoomStick is a mobile entertainment and announcement system like no other. The trailer-based, self contained system, can be transported to a venue. Speakers, mounted on a telescoping boom, transmit audio content to an audience over a large area.

The BoomStick, behind the Team Sales Jeep, set to show all “How We Play” at JL Audio.

The BoomStick was conceived and developed by Kevin Henry-the owner of Liquid Rides in Brazoria, TX. The above description of the BoomStick was taken from the US Patent No. US 10,327,081 B2 issued to Kevin Craig Henry on June 18, 2019.

The BoomStick will rock virtually any event or function on the planet within minutes of arriving at the venue. The speaker pod array is raised on the 25’ hydraulic boom and with just a push on a button the BoomStick is ready to rock the venue.

JL Audio Tower Speakers on the hydraulic boom that can be raised to 25’.

“I had an idea for a mobile system years ago working in a chemical plant with tall storage tanks an lights on tall poles. Once Liquid Rides became a realty the idea was still in my head. Two or three years ago the time was right to start to bring the BoomStick to life. We created several models along the way to today’s BoomStick. Having a US Patent on the BoomStick is such a milestone” Henry shared with The 12volt News.

The weatherproof BoomStick features JL Audio Tower Speakers on the boom plus JL Audio speakers in the trailer housing. A 12” JL Audio subwoofer is in an enclosure in the compact trailer along with 4 JL Audio Marine Amplifiers. XS Power batteries on board allow the system to run for 12-14 hours without any external power. LED lighting adds to the overall impact of the BoomStick at events after dark.

Kevin Henry (R), BoomStick creator, and Gabe Schmidt-Team Sales in the Liquid Rides booth at the Houston Boat Show.

Continuing, Henry stated “JL Audio played a very big hand in this project. Todd Wilson provided so much input along the way as the BoomStick was coming together. Todd presented the concept to JL Audio. Team Sales, the area rep firm for JL Audio, saw the very strong potential in the territory and were, and continue to be, very supportive. Mark Couch and Brian Tolley, rep firm principals, have been very supportive and the Team Sales Jeep demo vehicle takes the BoomStick to area events. Team’s Gabe Schmidt is a strong supporter also.”

The BoomStick in the Liquid Rides booth at the Houston Boat Show.

JL Audio’s Randy Davis offered “The BoomStick definitely is the main attraction at any event. Kevin Henry and the crew at Liquid Rides did such a great job bringing the BoomStick to life. Having proactive retailers like Liquid Rides is so important to the 12volt industry as a whole.”

The Cover of the BoomStick US Patent No US 10,327,081 B2.

The BoomStick includes wireless mic capability and BlueTooth streaming from multiple devices.

Event promoters outside the 12volt industry see the possibilities the BoomStick offers for parties, festivals, sporting evens, tailgating, car shows and many other functions drawing a large audience. Liquid Rides has a plan in place to create BoomSticks for event promoters.

For more info, contact Kevin Henry at 979- 798-0123

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