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Outrageous JY Power “Cube” Joins KICKER and the XRV Showroom at Slamology

STILLWATER, OK (06.04.2019) – KICKER will return to Slamology – one of the largest car-audio events in the country, and roll up in the 80-foot XRV (Xtreme Recreational Vehicle) tractor-trailer to a reserved space along “Audio Vendor Row.” The outrageous JY Power “Cube” delivery truck will also be showing its 60,000-watt KICKER system throughout the weekend. The show runs June 8-9 at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis.

The massive XRV showroom sports a new wrap and displays the full line of hands-on, KICKER audio gear. Under the XRV’s awning, KICKER install specialist Tim Smith will show his custom ’94 Chevy C1500 and its audio system featuring an SSV Works MRB3 media controller, a pair of KICKER Q-Class 5-channel amplifiers, Q-Class speakers and CompRT slim subwoofers.

In support of KICKER, the revamped JY Power Cube will draw crowds in the JY Power booth, showing off its prototype battery system that’s one-third the size of the original lithium power bank. The cells power the 60,000-watt KICKER system built to “demo” at extreme volumes. The converted delivery truck features 40 Q-Class L7 15-inch subwoofers powered by 20 2,400-watt KICKER amplifiers. The incredible ride also includes 12 KICKER weather-resistant amps powering 162 eight-inch coaxial speakers revealing glowing LEDs.

Additionally near the XRV will be Hunter Martin’s Q-Class-equipped, Ford Super Duty F-350 pickup truck. Martin, a JY Power custom fabricator, installed Q-Class point-source speakers in the doors and a CompRT 10-inch loaded subwoofer enclosure for bass.

“It images incredibly well,” said Travis Young, co-founder of JY Power. “The CompRT enclosure (with the Reflex passive subwoofer) fills out the bottom end beautifully.”

Martin’s F350 uses a Q-Class 5-channel amplifier and attached KICKER IQI Interface to the system for remote tuning capabilities.

Team SPLoud founder Andy Magill will feature “Cookie Monster” in the KICKER booth as well. In addition to KICKER door speakers, the Mitsubishi Eclipse is equipped with an astounding KICKER SoloX 18-inch subwoofer, powered by a single KICKER KX2400.1 amplifier. Magill started the SPL (sound-pressure level) organization “Team SPLoud” and a social-media group of the same name.

In its 16th year, Slamology is billed as a “family-friendly, yet edgy” event by Donnie Babb, the show organizer and founder. USACi, MECA, IASCA and dB Drag Racing will all conduct multi-point, car-audio competitions at the show.

“We wanted a way to connect with our readers at Gauge Magazine and have a weekend-long party,” said Babb.

Visit slamology.com and kicker.com for more.

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