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Oliver Marketing Hosted Kenwood and iDatalink Maestro Trainings

CERRITOS, CA (05.22.2019) – Oliver Marketing hosted an event for SoCal KENWOOD eXcelon dealers on Wednesday evening, May 15th, featuring KENWOOD eXcelon and iDatalink Maestro trainings.

Mark Rutledge brought audience members up to speed on all the new iDatalink Maestro products.

The training sessions began with Mark Rutledge (Director of Engineering, New Products, iDatalink Maestro) conducting a training on the newest iDatalink dash kits, Maestro RR2 and Maestro, AR.

Seth Halstead’s Kenwood eXcelon session covered the broad feature range of the latest technologies.

Seth Halstead, Kenwood National Trainer, then conducted a KENWOOD eXcelon training that focused on the brand’s new technologies such as Wireless Apple CarPlay, Wireless Android Mirroring, Customizable Multi-Widgets, 3 Camera Inputs, Garmin 3D Terrain View, and more.

The Oliver Marketing Marketing location in Cerritos is ideal for dealer meetings. The evening included food and specials from 6 PM until 7 PM. The training sessions were from 7 PM until 9 PM.

Visit olivermarketing.com, kenwood.com, maestro.idatalink.com for more.


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