• Mike Van Horn

‘NEWS TODAY’ …Fresh Industry News Each Business Day

SHREVEPORT, LA (07.01.2019) – Each business day morning, ‘News Today’ is posted to social media, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

In less than a minute, industry member followers can see three fresh news stories. The 12Volt News website feature story and 2 industry news items are highlighted.

“Starting the day with fresh, positive industry news is a good thing I think. The 3 ‘News Today’ stories highlight the feature and 2 industry news stories from that day’s 12voltnews.com posts,” Mike Van Horn offered.

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Continuing, “I feel everything revolves around people. Today, more than ever, it seems the 12volt industry is all about price, price, price and pushing for numbers. As we begin the second half of 2019 let’s try to think about people. Let’s think about the enjoyment and convenience mobile electronics products bring to people’s lives.”

Let’s have a super July.


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