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New Touchscreen Mirror Monitor Kit from iBEAM

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HOLLY HILL, FL (09.14.2018) – Metra Electronics introduces the new TE-STM98 by iBEAM Vehicle Safety Systems. This kit includes a live video streaming rearview mirror monitor, backup camera, forward-facing camera, and HD DVR to provide a high-tech safety upgrade that improves driver visibility. Additional convenience features include an integrated compass and clock, built-in speaker for DVR playback and a reverse trigger for the backup visual.

High-Quality Rearview Mirror with 9.8” Built-in Monitor and Forward-Facing Camera – The rearview mirror provides the driver peace of mind by giving them the exact same view they would have as if they were standing outside of the vehicle. At 60 frames per second, the full-sized touchscreen monitor provides a fluid visual with almost no lag, thanks to the LVDS signal. The built-in forward-facing camera has a 170-degree view with 1080p resolution.

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Rearview Camera – The kit includes a dedicated 1080p HD rearview camera with a 130-degree viewing angle. This outside mounted camera increases the field of vision by an estimated 300% over traditional rearview mirrors.

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1080p HD DVR The DVR can automatically record both the forward-facing and rearview camera simultaneously while driving. It also offers a menu option to start and record any activity (forward and rear) for the amount of time selected by the user. While this DVR supports up to 64GB of storage on a Micro-SD card (sold separately), it is also equipped with a G-sensor that activates in the event of a collision to lock in the recording, preserving potentially vital video evidence of the accident. The built-in GPS antenna also provides a DVR timestamp for additionally critical video evidence.


Installation Accessories A universal footprint mount is included to allow an easy and seamless install. (Use the TE-M06 to work with other vehicle applications, sold separately. Vehicle-specific options are available for Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Toyota, Kia, Subaru, VW, Mercedes, Fiat, Iveco, and Peugeot.)

This TE-STM98 is now shipping, visit iBeamUSA.com for additional details.


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