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New KENWOOD X-Series Amplifiers Focus on OEM Compatibility

LAS VEGAS, NV (01.08.2018) – KENWOOD USA added three new amplifiers to its KENWOOD eXcelon line for 2019, each optimized to connect to factory installed radios for audio system enhancement. Two multi-channel designs—the X302-4 (MSRP $349.95), X802-5 (MSRP $529.95)—as well as the X502-1 (MSRP $349.95) monoblock design, let users maintain familiar factory installed controls and features while dramatically improving audio system headroom and sound quality.

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All new KENWOOD eXcelon X series amplifiers are stable to two ohms and provide ample power in any applicable configuration. The X302-4 produces 75 watts RMS from each of its four channels at two ohms and doubles this amount when bridged to two channels with a four-ohm load. The highly flexible X802-5 mirrors these specs and adds a fifth channel that outputs up to 500 watts RMS with a two-ohm load. And the single-channel X502-1 will also deliver 500 watts RMS at two ohms, or 300 watts RMS at four ohms.

“Whenever you interact with a factory installed radio or amplifier, the most critical step is the elimination or avoidance of noise in audio playback. These new amplifiers have been enhanced with internal mechanics to accomplish this, as well as connectivity features to make interfacing a more streamlined process.” -Scott Caswell, senior marketing manager for KENWOOD

In addition to traditional RCA inputs that connect to aftermarket receivers, the new amplifiers feature dedicated inputs to connect to speaker-level outputs from factory radios and amplifiers, eliminating the possibility of noise from poor splicing connections. All connections are on one side of the amplifier to minimize issues with wire routing, and aluminum has been introduced into the mounting structure to reduce vibration.


Internal improvements include electronic component enhancements to reduce THD (total harmonic distortion). A subsonic filter improves efficiency by eliminating playback of frequencies outside the audible range, and a new circuit board layout and components provide a marked decrease of radiated noise.

Another new addition to these amplifiers is a remote controller input, enabling users to control the bass channel input sensitivity from the optional KCA-RC01A remote control. The KCA-RC01A features both surface- and flush-mounting options for optimum positioning.

The new KENWOOD eXcelon X series amplifiers are expected to be available in February. For more information on select models and features, visit kenwood.com/usa/car

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