• Mike Van Horn

New Earthquake Sound Tweeters Push Serious Highs

HAYWARD, CA (10.18.2018) – The Earthquake TW-35S Screamer tweeters deliver the SPL to keep up with the rest of your car audio system. Made with real silk, these 1.5″ (35mm) eyeball high definition tweeters are built strong and will push out some serious highs. They use floating rubber suspension mechanisms, aluminum voice coils, and silk dome diaphragms that will deliver natural-sounding highs for the most clear and accurate sounds in your vehicle. You will hear more details in your music than ever before.

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Out of the box, Screamers come with two crossovers to deliver the correct frequencies to the tweeter and two extra voice coils in case you ever need to change one out. Earthquake also understands that not all vehicles are the same which can make your installation experiences a headache when it comes to tweeter placement. No matter how complicated the interior in your vehicle might be, installation is made easy with Earthquake’s patented Turn-N-Lock devices that allow for a variety of flush, surface, and angle mounting options. If your music sounds a little dull and you need to add some crisp highs to your ride, Earthquake’s TW-35S Screamers will bring your car audio system to life.

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