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NAV-TV to Maintain Pricing Through 2019, Offers Contract Manufacturing Services to Companies Negativ

CORAL SPRINGS, FL (11.12.2018) – NAV-TV Corp., a leading innovator and manufacturer of OEM integration and safety products for the automotive aftermarket, announces that they will maintain current Dealer, MAP and Retail pricing through 2019.

Moni Melman, NAV-TV CEO, pictured in the production area of the company’s Coral Springs FL facility.

“We have carefully assessed the impact that the new tariffs will have on NAV-TV products and, although component costs have been affected, we have decided that, short of a global financial crisis, to maintain all current Dealer, Retail and MAP pricing through 2019,” stated NAV-TV CEO, Moni Melman.

NAV-TV currently offers over 900 different aftermarket automotive integration products, of which approximately 90% are built in the USA on their SMT production lines. Ahead of the new tariff announcement, NAV-TV and their solely-owned in-house contract manufacturing division, Federal Electron, heavily invested in two additional state-of-the-art SMT production lines, increasing manufacturing throughput by over 40%.


“We have spoken with numerous 12 volt companies that are faced with either increasing prices as a result of the new tariffs or absorbing the additional costs. Although we cannot compensate for the tariff impacted rising costs of materials and components, we are pleased to offer competitive, high-quality contract manufacturing services to companies looking to move electronic PCB manufacturing back to the USA. NAV-TV has reinvested in our manufacturing capabilities year-after-year, we have the manufacturing capability, experience, personnel and bandwidth, and are in a position to assist other US based companies in their time of need and beyond,” said Melman.

For more information on NAV-TV’s pricing policies through 2019, or to the company for a contract manufacturing consultation, contact your NAV-TV sales representative at (866) 477-3336 (USA and Canada toll free) or (561) 955-9770 (International), or email the sales staff at [email protected]


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