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NAV-TV’s COD Interface Adds Functionality to Ford’s Ultimate Trailer Camera Tow Package

CORAL SPRINGS, FL (02.28.2019) – Vehicle safety technology is no longer isolated just to high-end vehicles. In fact, cutting-edge safety technology has become standard or optional equipment on almost all new automobiles available in 2019. Educated consumers have become aware of the benefits of vehicle safety technology and often list safety equipment options as a major purchasing factor when choosing between different makes and models.

NAV-TV SMT Production Manager Bill Briguglio holding a NAV-TV COD-F50 interface fresh off NAV-TV’s production line.

To capitalize on customer awareness, vehicle manufacturers are actively promoting safety technology, often showcasing their capabilities in high-dollar advertising campaigns and television commercials. A good example is Ford’s TV commercial showing a driver using the available 360°camera system1 in a new Ford F150 to safely navigate in reverse through a group of intimidating bikers. Not to be outdone, the F150’s big brother, the Super Duty, released an even more advanced 5 camera system called the Ultimate Trailer Camera Tow Package for the redesigned 2017 model year.

The Ultimate Trailer Camera Tow Package consists of a front camera, rear view camera, CHMSL (center high mounted stop light) camera and side view cameras. The default view of the Ultimate Trailer Camera Tow Package shows a 360° image around the vehicle while in reverse and gives the driver the option to select a different camera view from the available touch screen menu. In drive, the system is accessible up to 6 miles per hour, allowing the driver to view any of the cameras except the rear view camera image. Sounds amazing, right? Well, not according to many Super Duty owners that are frustrated by the limitations of the factory system.

NAV-TV Vice President, Derek Schmiedl, holding the COD53 sub assembly board in front of one of NAV-TV’s new Samsung pick-and-place machines.

Limitations cited by Super Duty owners include a full system lockout after 6 miles per hour, eliminating the ability to check on a fifth wheel hookup while under way, the inability to activate side view cameras to see into side view blind spots via the turn signals, no option to view the rear view camera except in reverse and a default setting that resets the system to a 360° view instead of a last used camera memory.

In response to consumer requests, NAV-TV Corp., a leading innovator and manufacturer of OEM integration and safety products for the automotive aftermarket, has released the COD-F50 line of vehicle interfaces. The COD, or “camera on demand”, modifies the functionality of Ford’s Ultimate Trailer Camera Tow Package2 to improve safety features and enhance the driver’s view of the vehicle surroundings.

All components of the COD-F50 and COD-F53 Interfaces.

The COD-F50 is a 100% USA made, plug-and-play interface which requires no modification to the vehicle’s wiring and does not affect the vehicle warranty. Features of the COD-F50 include:

· Side view camera activation via the factory turn signals · Forced rear view camera and CHMSL camera · Unlocks all cameras in any gear · Removes speed activated camera lockout · Adds a last camera and last position used memory feature. · Allows navigation destinations to be entered without stopping.

The COD-F50 interface is available in two options, the COD-F50 (NTV-KIT899) and COD-F53 (NTV-KIT910). The COD-F53 includes all the advanced features of the COD-F50 and adds three composite video inputs to the factory Sync 3 infotainment system display. Input 1 of the COD-F53 is designed to display the optional FLIR PathFindIR II night vision camera with pedestrian and animal detection. The PathFindIR II PD/AD enables the driver to safely operate their vehicle in limited visibility situations, allowing the driver to see a minimum of 1500 feet in sheer darkness, through rain, dust, smoke, fog or snow. Coupled with the optional NAV-TV FLIR External Warning interface, the thermal camera image automatically displays on the factory Sync 3 screen when a threat is detected in the vehicles path. All three inputs of the COD-F53 can be engaged at will utilizing two of the factory Ford up-fitter switches.

See a video of the COD-F50 system below:

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