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Mr. Ed Firestone… Remembering and Honoring Mr. Firestone’s Contributions to the 12volt Industr

PORT ST LUCIE, FL (04.05.2019) – Ed Firestone, whose career in the 12volt industry spanned over 50 years, passed away on March 28th following a long battle with cancer. Ed was 89 years old and had been retired for nearly 10 years.

Firestone was the rep firm principal of Ed Firestone Sales and later New Millennium Sales. The firms served the 7 southeastern states from the 1960’s through 2010. Key brands on the line card included Orion, Concept and more notable 12volt brands.

Ed Firestone

Firestone was quick to act on opportunities to create interest and drive 12volt sales. IBP, Innovative Bass Productions, CD’s is a good example. IBP CD’s, like ‘Bass From The Krypt’, provided 12volt retailers with bass heavy music to demo systems for their customers. Those demos drove dealer sales and won Orion sales awards.

Sander Firestone and Stephanie Firestone, son and daughter, worked with Ed. Stephanie on the IBP initiative and Sander on the road in the territory working with 12volt retailers.

Ed Firestone is survived by Sylvia, his wife of 65 years, Sander, Stephanie and grandson Kyle.

Living in Florida, Ed was an avid golfer. Ed is now teeing off with foursomes in Heaven.


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