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Mobile Solutions Acquires Built In Radar to Build the New Industry Hub for Custom-Installed Detectio

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TEMPE, AZ (10.12.2018) – Mobile Solutions has acquired the rights and ownership to Built In Radar, a startup company focused on the growing market for custom-installed radar and laser detection systems. Under new ownership and direction, Built In Radar will develop products that simplify the highly customized installation of controllers and displays for component-based radar and laser detection systems. Its growth will also help to raise consumer awareness of the category while improving the custom installation efficiency of specialty retail outlets.

The product line for Built In Radar comprises product-specific mounting surfaces and bezels that are sold as part of the installation. Each is painstakingly crafted to the exact specifications of the radar controller or display. The surfaces can simply be sized to fit vehicle dash recesses or pockets, resulting in a fully custom look without the arduous process of building the controller or display opening. In addition, Built In Radar will offer retail template sets to enable a higher degree of customization, allowing professional technicians to mount components directly into vehicle surfaces or use custom mounting materials.


Built In Radar’s primary market exposure will be through its website at builtinradar.com

, which will cater to retailers and also point consumers to highly qualified installation facilities. The site, which currently showcases ESCORT-branded solutions, features both in-house tooling and consumable products that can be custom-fitted to the application. Ordering is accomplished through the website with promo codes to access dealer pricing.

Bryan Schmitt, president and founder of Mobile Solutions, made a soft announcement of the acquisition during the recent annual Mobile Electronics Specialists of America (M.E.S.A.) Summit in September, showcasing the initial line of ESCORT-specific products to some of the industry’s most successful retailers.


“Our goal with the acquisition is to create an entity that centralizes products and solutions for custom installation of radar and laser detectors,” said Schmitt. “ESCORT was first on board, and other detector manufacturers expressed definite interest in partnering with us to produce solutions for their products. We knew we had a winning solution that the industry needed, but the overwhelmingly positive response from M.E.S.A. members really cemented our decision to move forward.”

For more information, call (480) 968-2074 or visit builtinradar.com


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