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Mitek Corporation Announces Creation of Mitek Corporation Australia LTD


PHOENIX, AZ (10.10.2018) – Over the past decade Mitek Corporation has made waves in the Australian market with continued year-over-year growth in the aftermarket audio category with products from its MTX Audio brand. In the USA, MTX Audio has grown significantly in both brick & mortar and OEM sales during that same period thanks to supplier arrangements with world renowned brands including Harley-Davidson, BRP, and Polaris.

Mitek Corporation has announced the creation of Mitek Corporation Australia Ltd, dba: MTX Audio Australia, solidifying Mitek’s commitment to the Australian market and strengthening Mitek’s overall global position.

“We are honored to have secured MiTek USA’s backing in our local market”, said Audio Group Managing Director Sam Dennison. “This new structure will see MTX Audio grow into a more comprehensive and diverse range with key product lines such as PowerSports, Marine and others. We will also continue to innovate with our valued business partners Car Builders of Australia and Zapco of Italy.”


“Over the last few years Audio Group has proven to be a valuable partner that is entrenched in the Australian market and that has continued to position MTX products with retailers across Australia”, said Mitek President John Ivey. “Australia has always had a very hot car audio scene and partnering with Audio Group as Mitek Corporation Australia allows us to continue to grow the MTX presence in Australia and strengthens our overall corporate portfolio.”

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