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Memphis Audio Scored Big at SEMA 2018

The new Memphis Audio 2-story booth set and ready to go at SEMA 2018 with the SlingShaq in place.

LAS VEGAS, NV / MEMPHIS, TN (11.09.2018) – Memphis Audio had a major presence in the North Hall at the 2018 SEMA Show. The stretch Polaris SlingShaq, positioned in the new Memphis Audio 2-story booth, was a magnet for SEMA attendees. New product introductions also drew the attention of dealers.

Nick LoMonaco, Memphis Audio VP offered “SEMA was a great show overall and very good for us. Our guys were busy the entire time talking to existing customers and prospects. This was our second year at SEMA, and although we got lucky to be in the north hall for our first year, having a bigger booth in a better spot paid huge dividends. We talked to a ton of PowerSports industry prospects who simply did not know much about us or that we had such a wide product offering in their category.”

Members of the Memphis Audio SEMA team with the Sling ShaQ. Left or right Nick LoMonaco, Ellis Mathis, Kerry Sedivec and Tony Stein (L to R).

The stretch Polaris SlingShaq, created by Underground Audio in Sarasota FL was a show stopper. The white Polaris was stretched 3 feet for the very tall client. Yes that Shaq.

The hottest products in the booth were the two products Memphis Audio soft launched that will be officially launched at CES 2019. The 2 products were the “Headless Unit” app-based IP66 hideaway black box radio and new overhead soundbar featuring four 6.5” mids and 4 tweeters powered by the “Headless Unit” head unit.

Shaquille O’Neal and Jack Polubinski, Underground Auto Styling, seated in the first stretch Polaris SlingShot created for Shaq.


LoMonaco continued “Our new booth was extremely well received as we had a ton of compliments from customers, prospects and competitors calling anyone they knew to get more info on our location. We had to budget hard this year with the purchase of a new booth plus investing the most dollars in new product development in the history of the company. I believe choosing the shows we did, which included SEMA 2018, were the right choices. We feel this great showing and feedback from SEMA is a good foreshadowing for CES where we plan an even bigger product launch in a bigger booth space with exclusive VIP treatment for select customers.”

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