• Mike Van Horn

Memphis Audio and the ME Syndicate Want to send you to KnowledgeFest Dallas

MEMPHIS, TN (07.15.2019) – Memphis Audio has partnered with the popular Mobile Electronics Syndicate Facebook group to sponsor one lucky winner and a guest for their first trip to Knowledgefest Dallas. Memphis will provide transportation and lodging to a worthy 12-Volt industry professional giving them an opportunity to attend the event and participate in the valuable industry specific training and Knowledgefest activities.

Nick LoMonaco, President of Memphis Audio commented, “We work with thousands of amazing independent audio retailers across the country. We interact with everyone including owners, installers, fabricators and the sales staff and we routinely hear that people would love to enhance and grow their knowledgebase but are unable to do so due to financial constraints.”


LoMonaco continued, “We want to reach out to those individuals and give them an opportunity to advance their careers through the valuable knowledge that can be gained at Knowledgefest. We are looking specifically for individuals who could benefit from the financial assistance needed to make this trip a reality and for people who sincerely want to add to their 12-Volt skillset.”

To apply, all you need to do is to be a member of The Mobile Electronics Syndicate group on Facebook and visit memphiscaraudio.com/MemphisKfestMES and fill out the brief questionnaire to explain why you should be selected as the lucky winner.

To visit the Mobile Electronics Syndicate Facebook page, click here.


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