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MECA Wraps 20th Year With A Huge Success At The CAC

Members got together with trophies as the MECA Finals wrapped on Sunday night, October 14th, at the Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville.

LOUISVILLE/NASHVILLE – With 4 motorcycles, 4 MECA Kids power-wheels, and 208 cars and trucks, MECA concluded a busy 2018 season at the Car Audio Championship in Louisville, KY on the weekend of October 13-14th. This was the 20th Anniversary party for the MECA Members and Mobile Electronics Industry partners.

MECA Commish Steve Stern with awards for the top MECA Competitors in Louisiville.

A record 80 vehicles competed in the Sound Quality contest. Tim Smith (Audio X/XS Power/Zapco) in the Extreme SQ class, from White House, TN took the Culbertson Cup honors with the highest score among the vehicles: 84.8 out of 100 points. Kirk Proffit (Audio Specialists/XS Power/Zapco) from Huntsville, AL, multi-titled SQL World Champ, won the Modified Street class with 83.8 points, and is the first winner to be inscribed on the rejuvenated Alma Gates Cup, representing the SQ Best of show in the lower 3 classes of the Division. Rob Bess (Audio Specialists), from Madisonville, KY, earned The Zenner, for overall SQL performance in SQ, Install, and RTA Freq-Out. Charles Haley (ST6/High Voltage/Hybrid Audio/Sundown/XS Power) from Knoxville, TN, repeated his 2016 Best of Best of Show performance, taking home the 7′ trophy.

Steve Mick (OH Generator), from Wintersville, OH, posted the highest headrest score with 166.33 dB for Sound Pressure Best of Show. Jay Kough (dB Revolution/Sundown/XS Power), from Russellville, KY posted 170.58 dB for 1st place in the Radical X exhibition class. Robert Windle (614) from Columbus, OH, posted 183.51 dB in the Radical XTC class, which is the “science experiment” trap box category. Brad Becraft (SoundCheck/#AINTLOUD), IN won the 6.5′ trophy for SPL Best of Show, representing best combined Sound Pressure and Park & Pound scores. Independent Team Bangin On A Budget, with Members in AL, KY, IL, and IN won 1/3 of the Sound Pressure classes, with a strong show of team work and sportsmanship.

Kids, with super vehicles, had fun competing and winning trophies at the MECA Finals in Louisville too.

Ken Reed from McCalla, AL won the Show & Shine Best of Show with his 2017 Chevy pick-up that was immaculate, and an awesome BIG truck.

Rafael Capone from Atlanta, GA won the Ride The Light classes with his amazing, highly customized Hummer.

Brian Mitchell, with Team Arc Audio, was named Competitor of the Year

SQL Judges had their ears full, and were from all over the USA: Grace Hedrick (SC), Linda Kobayashi (CA), Wayne McKenzie (MA), Richard Papasin (CA), Matt Roberts (SC), Geoff Schneider (OH), Heather Shaffer (TN), Mandy Taylor (TN) scorekeeper, and Vinny Taylor (TN).

The MECA area for the CAC in the Kentucky Expo Center was very active.

SPL Judges were challenged with 100+ vehicles to test, and did an awesome job, headed up by Allan Shaffer (TN), including Sunil Boodram (FL), Malani Puni (TN), Danielle Wage (TN), Steven Wage (TN).

A 2019 Kick-off event was also part of the event schedule, with Mike Flanagan (MS) and Kyle Ragsdale (TN) judging 40+ SQL systems, and Allison O’Brien (AL) and Victor O’Brien (AL) handling the SPL testing.

SoundCheck in Lafayette, IN was named Retail Member of the Year for hosting monthly events, including charity benefit, and supporting their local Judge Team, Bud & Shannon Ballinger from Louisville, KY.

Thanks to our Title Sponsor, Orion, for their support and enabling the club to present custom Champion rings to all Winners. Audible Physics provided much needed support as our SQL Title Sponsor, and received the 12-Volt Industry Award as part of our 20th Anniversary. Ohio Generator, Sundown Audio, and XS Power Batteries were the SPL co-sponsors. XS Power was recognized with a 3-peat as Manufacturer of the Year.

The 12volt News works closely with MECA to showcase the organization’s continuing efforts to create awareness and grow the 12volt industry.

Mike Van Horn at 12voltnews.com does a tremendous job helping to promote MECA to the Mobile Electronics Industry, and received the Best Press Coverage Award.

The club listed 160+ USA events in 2018, and 2019 looks to be bigger and better. The 2019 Rule Books should be posted by Christmas. In the meantime, the annual toy drives and charity events are filling the schedule for the end of the year.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to a memorable season: Competitors, Event Directors, Judges, Hosts, Manufacturer Members, Retail Members, Car/Truck Clubs, and Fans!

For those who want to get involved with our club and contest programs, please contact the Commissioner at [email protected] or call 615-851-7428. Check out the website www.mecacaraudio.com for the latest news and updated Event Schedule. Sign up to receive emails with news and info on the home page, upper right corner.

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