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MECA Finals Indonesia In Jakarta

JAKARTA, INDONESIA (03.29.2019) – The MECA Finals 2018 took place at the Pluti Village in Jakarta on Sunday, March 24th. A full day of judge’s training took place on Saturday prior to the Sunday Finals.

The Judges team pictured at the MECA Final Indonesia (L to R) Ricky Concerto-Surabaya Indonesia, Alexander Garcia Lee-Philippines, Richard Papasin-California-USA, Gading Prakoso-Jakarta Indonesia and Kevin Keegen-Surabaya Indonesia.

Richard Papasin, who judges many MECA events as the MECA California Event Director, journeyed to Jakarta to conduct the Judge’s training as well as heading up judging for the Indonesia Finals.

This group of spectacular competitor’s vehicles were were among the show stoppers.

“This trip to Jakarta was my third time to officiate at a MECA event in Indonesia. This year’s Finals and Judge’s training was the best. Both Saturday’s judging and Sunday’s Finals took place in the Pluti Village which is actually a large shopping mall with a 5 story parking garage that includes a 20 story Holiday Inn on the top. The setup was terrific and consumers could see and hear the vehicles as the Finals competition was underway on Sunday.”

As the Judges training wrapped there was time for a group photo op. Richard Papasin is pictured center in the gray shirt.

The Sunday competition ran very smoothly. Judging began at 9:30AM and was finished at 6PM. The awards ceremony began at 7:30.

Continuing Papasin related “We judged 90 vehicles. The competition classes are different in Indonesia with 7 SQ classes and 5 SQ Loud classes. Some classes are determined by the value of the equipment in the installation.”

Following the awards ceremony a large group of happy competitors got together for this photo op with their trophies.

The judge’s training included an audience of over 25 plus a handful of competitors.

The judging team for the Finals included judges from the Philippines and distant cities in Indonesia.

MECA Commish Steve Stern offered “We are so excited about MECA Indonesia. This is a great group of professionals and enthusiasts who are sharing our club and contests plus creating events that get a lot of people involved. Having Richard Papasin, our California Event Director, travel to Jakarta to conduct judge’s training means that the MECA Indonesia officials are ready for the biggest and best sound-off events. With 90 vehicles at the Finals, showcasing products and eye-candy installations, our industry benefitted plus the participants were part of a memorable event that brought people together for music and fun.”

Click the link below to view this video from after the judges finished.

Click here to view a video that shows an overview of the great vehicles at the MECA Indonesia Final in Jakarta.

Papasin’s 9,000 mile journey from San Francisco to Jakarta, with a connection in Hong Kong, took 20 hours in the air. Papasin left San Francisco early Thursday morning the 21st and returned on Monday, March 25th. Overall, Papasin was in the air for a little over 40 hours to cover the 18,000 mile trip.

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