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MECA China Celebrates 13 Years with SQL and Judges Trainings

YANGJLANG CITY, CHINA (07.08.2019) – MECA China Celebrates 13 years coordinating the club and contests in China. Since Commissioner Stern traveled there twice in 2006, David and Liu Yang have been the driving force behind the Guangzhou Musicpower Company LTD. They invite the car audio community in China to participate in SQL and SPL contests, and get pictures along with info for the CAD Media car audio magazine they publish and distribute in China.

David and Liu Yang hold the MECA China Chapter Certificate celebrating 13 years.

On July 2nd, MECA Judges are pictured in front of the Global Audio Museum in Yangjlang City in Guangdong Province. The 34 Judges, old and new, attended SQL and SPL training sessions.

On July 2nd, 34 old and new MECA judges got SQL and SPL training at the Global Audio Museum in Yangjlang City, in the Guangdong Province. They listened to some of the finest systems in the collection, focusing on tonality and sound stage evaluation and scoring.

A group of the Judges gathered around a vehicle to learn first-hand about a particular point in the judging process.

Classroom sessions were part of the overall MECA SQL and SPL Judges trainings schedule in China.

“The long term relationship MECA has with our China Chapter has been very good for all, especially the car audio industry. MECA China educates and promotes at a high level, and we appreciate their dedication and friendship,” Stern stated.

Visit mecacaraudio.com for more.

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