• Mike Van Horn

MECA at the CAC in Louisville

LOUISVILLE, KY (10.13.2018) – MECA Car Audio is going strong at the Car Audio Championship in Louisville the weekend of October 13th and 14th.

MECA Commish Steve Stern pictured Saturday morning with a portion of the MECA trophies to be awarded at the Car Audio Championship in Louisville.

MECA Commish Steve Stern related from the show floor, “We have over 200 members competing in the MECA lanes on the floor of the Kentucky Expo Center. All is on track for a super event.”

Continuing Stern offered “Our club is very fortunate to have 5 Manufacturer Members working to co-sponsor our 2018 Finals Awards. Orion is our Title Sponsor, and with their support we are set to present SQL, SPL plus Show & Shine World Champion Rings. These rings are custom made and will delivered after the show. That will be 40+ rings! This will be part of the 20th Anniversary celebration for our World Champs.”

The SPL Arena at the Kentucky Expo Center with MECA Competitors in the foreground.

Stern added “Audible Physics is our SQL Sponsor. This is the 1st time Audio Physics has sponsored our Finals event, and we appreciate the support for our Sound Quality League program. Ohio Generator, a long-time supporter, is sponsoring our Sound Pressure League Modified and Radical X classes. Sundown Audio comes on-board for this event for the first time and is the sponsor for Street, Mod Street, and Trunk classes. 2017 Manufacturer of the year, XS Power, will be sponsoring the Park & Pound classes, as they have for many years.”

A MECA SPL competitor in the lane looking for a big number on the meter.

Concluding Stern stated “This is an exciting time for our club with participation increasing, which is definitely proportional to the support we are receiving. The more support we receive, the more Members and participants come to enjoy being part of the MECA Club. A huge thanks to all our Manufacturer Members, especially our Finals co-sponsors! Check them out in Louisville.”

For more see mecacaraudio.com


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