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MECA and the Car Audio Industry Have Music at Their Roots

GOODLETTSVILLE, TN (11.19.2018) – 12volt retailers and installation specialists, who sell their products to satisfy music lovers that visit their stores, have the best chance of longevity and loyal customers that spell success. The car audio industry has music at it’s roots.

MECA Commish Stern with a portion of the trophies to be awarded to MECA members at the 2018 Car Audio Championship 2018 in Louisville KY.

In 2018, MECA celebrates the organization’s 20th season.

Steve Stern, MECA Commish stated “MECA’s Sound Quality League has been focused on musical excellence since 1999. We partner with car audio and accessory stores to promote specialists installing high performance car audio for their customers. Our SQL program provides guidelines and rules for creating all levels of after-market mobile electronics audio installations. From “simple” stock set-ups, to extremely modified vehicles, the sonic realism and believability improves as the vehicle is modified to create an accurate listening space inside the vehicle.”

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MECA’s critical listening and judging CD, Tantric Tuning, is comprised of tracks from the Chesky Records catalog, a leading audiophile record label. MECA licenses these tracks to demonstrate listening realities that must be part of the listening experience. The attention to tuning for accuracy becomes paramount as systems are tweaked for SQL judging. Track notes are provided on the web site so that listeners know what the judges are listening to hear.

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Stern added, “Judges now carry memory sticks with these judging tracks, and/or have them loaded to their phone for easy access. Since CD’s are not as popular as they were 10 or 20 years ago, and head units are now offered without CD’s capability, our club has worked to stay on top of the technology, while maintaining the highest evaluation standards.”

MECA’s 20th Anniversary season was the best yet and capped with participation in the Car Audio Championship 2018 in Louisville, KY.


Concluding, Stern offered “MECA club events have turned into more of a car show with music. With Show & Shine entries increasing and bringing great looking, and sounding, rides the parking lots are looking great.”

Visit mecacaraudio.com for more.

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