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MB Sales And Marketing on the Road in California

PORTERVILLE, CA (07.08.2019) – MB Sales and Marketing, with Micah Boren behind the wheel, is an energetic young rep firm on the road in California.

Micah Boren headed to make a delivery with the back of his Honda filled with an Addictive Audio order.

Boren related “I come from an installer/fabricator background for over 19 years. Just over a year ago Bryan McCutchen, at Addictive Audio, gave me the opportunity to represent his brand in California. During that time we have set up over 18 dealers throughout the state. Addictive Audio has become a very profitable go-to line for those dealers.”

Nas Khan (R) owner of the Sacramento Rolling Soundz location pictured out front with Micah Boren.

Addictive Audio is located in Fresno, CA which makes the product delivery time very fast across the state.

Addictive audio subs are featured front and center at the Sacramento Rolling Soundz location.

McCutchen commented to 12voltnews.com “Micah brings a lot of energy to the table and relates well with dealers. With his focus on the Addictive Audio we have seen very nice growth in the California market.”

Rolling Soundz Turlock owner Isaac Khan (L) and Micah Boren out front of the Turlock CA location.

Continuing Boren stated “The first dealer I set up was Lombards Stereo with stores in San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria. They had a lineup of name brands but saw the need for a brand that provided more profit opportunity. Profitability is key for all shops.”

Addictive Audio subs are stacked high in the eye-catching Rolling Soundz Turlock location showroom.

David Joy, Lombards Stereo owner, offered to 12voltnews.com “The Addictive Audio brand has performed well for us. In today’s marketplace all dealers face price pressure from the internet. Addictive Audio is working for us and Micah keeps us up to date across the board with everything Addictive Audio.”

Addictive Audio amps and subs are highlighted on the Lombards’ showroom floor in San Luis Obispo CA.

Boren concluded “The company slogan is ‘One hit and you are hooked’. The Addictive Audio products perform. When the bass hits we all want more.”

Attention grabbing window signage for hot deals brings customers in and Addictive Audio subs are featured upfront.

Addictive Audio is celebrating the company’s 20th Anniversary this year.

Visit addictiveaudioinc.com for more.

NOTE: This article came about as 12volt News noticed Instagram posts Micah Boren was making with dealers in his territory.


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