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MB Quart Launches Dedicated Nautic Marine Multimedia & Digital Source Units and Waterproof Spea


CHICAGO, IL (10.05.2018) – Maxxsonics USA released information on several new product platforms for marine application during the IBEX show in Florida.

This year, MB Quart has two new platforms and three new products that are being launched during the IBEX show in Tampa, Florida. These new platforms are critical to marine and powersports, specifically for boat builders, manufacturers and marine audio system integrator.

First, a new multimedia source unit, the GMR-LED and a Mechless source unit, also known as digital media receivers, model number MDR2.0. A third product is a new marine speaker added to the MB Quart marine speaker line, model number NF1-116.



The GMR-LED is an OFF-ROAD & Marine Multimedia Source Unit with 160 Watt internal amplifier features AM/FM/Bluetooth, USB. This is a full Mobile Entertainment Controller for a boat, RV or off-road vehicle. Brian Sherman, Director of Business Development for Maxxsonics USA said during an IBEX meeting, “MB Quart has been busy this year fine tuning the marine products. These new products are perfect for custom builders and system installers working marinas around the world.”

Among the key features boat builders and installers are excited for is the Dual Audio Zone Capability which allows two different volume areas of the boat to be controlled independently, such as passenger area and tower speakers. Also for improved audio shaping and sound control is the independent subwoofer level control and onboard 8-Band graphic equalizer. The unit also features weather band so often crucial in heavy weather and coastal areas.


GMR-LED Additional Features & Benefits:

  1. OFF-ROAD & Marine Multimedia Source Unit

  2. 160 Watt AM/FM/Bluetooth, USB, Mobile Entertainment Controller

  3. Bluetooth Connect & Quick-Pair

  4. Quick and secure pairing of devices with your music library with album art displayed

  5. USB Control

  6. Easily connect smartphones, portable media devices and streaming services. iPod control allows full Apple connectivity

  7. Dual Audio Zone Capability

  8. Control volume in two different areas independently, such as passenger area and tower speakers

  9. Maximum Connectivity

  10. Connect external amplifiers for speakers and subwoofers with six channels of connectivity

  11. Media Screen

  12. On board 3.5 inch high-contrast LED screen to view media artwork and external camera input


  14. Marine certified to IPX67 with large waterproof buttons


With its built-in 4 channel amplifier, boat builders will flock to the new MB Quart MDR2.0. The unit delivers 50 watts x 4 channels to deliver power to a full system. Control is the key theme for this unit, from the media stand point, the unit is both Apple and Android compatible and from the perspective of outputs the 4 volt RCA output can drive multiple external amplifiers allowing marine audio system designers to install speakers throughout the vessel including tower speakers.


MDR2.0 Additional Features & Benefits:

  1. OFF-ROAD & Marine Multimedia Mechless Source Unit

  2. 200 Watt AM/FM/Bluetooth, Apple Control and Android Compatible

  3. High Power

  4. Internal 4 channel amplifier delivers 200 watts maximum power with 4 x 50 watts to power full range speakers

  5. Maximum Connectivity

  6. 4volts RCA outputs can run external amplifiers to power speakers and subwoofers


Since the mid 1980’s, MB Quart has been designing and innovative speakers for marine installations. This new speaker system takes decades of experience and puts it into a great sounding, easy to install pair of speakers. The system features water resistant components to the IPX67 standard, including midrange cones, Neo-Mylar tweeters and rust resistant connectors.

NF1-116 Features & Benefits:

  1. Neo-Mylar Tweeters

  2. The Neo-Mylar marine tweeters, which is integrated into the grills, delivers a superior sound quality as well as the added benefit of additional output

  3. 6.5 inch Mica Filled Polypropylene Cone

  4. The poly speaker will produce deep bass tones with musical midrange frequencies

  5. Internal 12dB Crossover

  6. Crossover is completely sealed against water and sea spray

  7. UV Protected

  8. Special epoxy finish resists yellowing or sun fade



GMR-LED Shipping December 2018 $349.99 MSRP

MDR2.0 Shipping Q1 2019 $149.99 MSRP

NF1-116 Shipping Q1 2019 $99.99 MSRP

Pricing, Specifications and Performance Subject to Improvement without Notice.

Visit mbquart.com and ibexshow.com for more.


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