• Mike Van Horn

Massive Audio Releases DP24K Mega 24,000 Watt RMS Monoblock Amplifier

Just when you thought that it was too complicated to properly power up megawatt subwoofers Massive Audio comes along and releases the DP24K Super Amp.

All Digital, Ultra High-Speed Switching, Crystal Clean Full Range with a TRUE power output of 24,192 Watts RMS @ 1 ohm @ 18V. Current drawn at 1 Ohm impedance is a staggering 1,550 Amps / 14.4 VDC)

This amplifier measures in at only 2.98” x 10.86” x 24.09” and packs twin full time exhaust fans to cool its output. The DP24K can do all this and operate at DC 9V—18V. Protection is key and is controlled by a processor that illuminates a red LED when 85% of the amplifier’s capacity limit is reached. Adjustable Hi Pass and Low Pass crossovers along with a parametric equalizer with a variable 0-12dB bass boost allow for complete control.


• Up to 24,192 Watts of RMS power • 1 Ohm Stable • Low, High, Band Pass Filters • Parametric EQ • Subsonic Filter Fixed @ 10Hz • Bass Boost Remote Input (Optional) • Dual Cooling Fans • 6 Way Protection with Clip Capacity Limiter LED’s • DC 9V – 18V Operating Voltage

POWER: • 4 Ohm—7,840 Watts • 2 Ohm—13,450 Watts • 1 Ohm—19,050 Watts • 1 Ohm (@18V) —24,192 Watts


For more information, visit www.massiveaudio.com or contact [email protected]


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