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Loud and Clear Audio & Tint Is Rockin’ and Rollin’

The new Loud and Clear Audio & Tint facility in Wylie TX is a ground up build.

WYLIE, TX (08.06.2018) – Loud and Clear opened just 3 months ago. Already, the company, with the team of Josh Wilson and Johnny Bouldin leading the way, is bringing excitement to the area just 30 miles northeast of Dallas. Josh’s wife Kaylee runs the office and Bryan Shaw handles the window tint shop.

Wilson stated “We are a couple of guys who have a passion for car audio and auto customization. Also, we both have years of experience in the 12volt industry and are a part Veteran owned business.”

The Loud and Clear team includes Kaylee and Josh Wilson, Johnny Bouldin and Bryan Shaw (L to R).

Loud and Clear opened on May 2nd, 2018. The business is located in a new 4,000 square foot facility that was built from the ground up to meet the needs of the new company. With 12’ rollup doors and 23’ ceiling the facility is suited for all types of vehicles, semi trucks and big boats, plus other projects. The facility also includes a large wood shop plus equipment to create vinyl wraps and signs.

Loud and Clear’s Johnny Bouldin is flanked by Mike Hurwitz (L) and Jorge Grijalva during a DOW Electronics sales call. Note the backdrop wall on the right.

Mike Hurwitz and Jorge Grijalva, working the area from the DOW Electronics Dallas office, recentlymade a sales call at Loud and Clear. Hurwitz stated “This new 12volt retailer has an amazing facility and plan to build a thriving business. The overall facility is one of the very best setups I have seen in the 12volt industry. We are pleased to have Loud and Clear as one of our key dealers.”

The DOW Sony Veloster and Loud and Clear pickup in Wylie, TX on a gorgeous day.

Loud and Clear is working to get their brand in front of consumers in the area. On Saturday morning, August 4th, Wilson and Bouldin worked a Cars and Coffee at a BMW dealership in Dallas suburb of Plano TX. The pair cranked up the Rockford Fosgate Sound Lab from area rep firm Momentum Marketing. Bouldin offered “We must have attracted a crowd of over 300 and many got in and took the sound chamber challenge. The look on their faces when they got out was priceless.”


Wilson is a disabled Veteran of the US Army for 10 years who earned his passion for car audio managing Safe & Sound in Soldotna AK. His resume includes time at Tint World in Leon Valley TX when he returned from Alaska. Eventually Wilson and his wife Kaylee moved to Dallas where he subsequently met Bouldin and they set the Loud and Clear plan in place. The Loud and Clear company name came from the military background where Loud and Clear notes the perfect transmission of a message.

Johnny Bouldin at a Cars & Coffee event in Plano TX on Saturday, August 4th, demoing the Rockford Fosgate Sound Lab from Momentum Marketing.

Bouldin is a North Texas native, with a passion for car audio, runs the shop. The 8-year industry veteran’s skills include custom fabrication, remote starts and all things 12volt related.

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