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Let’s Have Some Fun 12Volt Industry

SHREVEPORT, LA (02.04.2019) – The 12volt industry lives, and comes alive, in vehicles of all types. Cars, pickups, trucks, semi’s, vans, buses, RV’s, boats, motorcycles and UTV’s are all in play…airplanes too. With this broad spectrum of ‘vehicles’ there are more than enough ways for all members of the 12volt industry to have some fun.

As the 12volt News turns 25, yours truly, would ask all industry members to have some fun. The daily business pressures faced by manufacturers, reps, distributors and 12volt retailers are a constant to be sure. The internet is definitely not going away. That said, as an industry, let’s present fun to consumers along with safety, convenience and in-vehicle connectivity.


Let’s try new things at all levels of our industry. The 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel is an example of something new. Each Friday the Wheel spins and the 12volt News has some fun making a call to a happy winner.

As manufactures introduce new products the 12volt News wants to tell industry members. Activities at distributors across the 12volt industry is great industry news. There will soon be nearly 2 dozen distributor shows on the 12volt News Distributor Show Calendar. Hats off to those distributors investing in the 12volt industry. Reps traveling throughout their territories certainly see retailers creating excitement on their showroom floors and in installation bays. Retailers utilizing social media to connect with their followers and consumers have wonderful tools to showcase their respective stores.

All of the examples listed above represent opportunities for positive industry news. As one longtime voice, for the 12volt industry, the 12volt News looks forward to telling your story on 12voltnews.com, the twice weekly 12voltBeat newsletter plus daily posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @12voltnews.

Browse Instrgram hashtag #12vnn_ces2019 to see over 100 posts from CES 2019.

Let’s have some fun.

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