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Kingpin University Travels to Sactown for Second Annual Crash Course Training

WILSONVILLE, OR (09.26.2018) – Kingpin University announced that its next training will be a field trip away from the company’s Oregon facilities, taking place in the Sacramento, CA, suburb of Rancho Cordova. Audio916, a new location owned by industry veteran Greg Perchal, will be the host site for the second annual Crash Course training on October 7, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Ovation Manufacturer Representatives, headed by Clay Nelson and Matthew Delgado, is co-hosting the training.


Crash Course is an intensive 8-hour session that delivers proven sales and customer interaction techniques, time-saving fabrication procedures, tool use and machine instruction, as well as system design strategies. It appeals to regional car audio professionals who can’t find the time to attend multi-day training sessions, yet want the same high-quality instruction.

The curriculum is the result of years of real-world experience from the retail side of the Kingpin brand. Each topic is presented with key tips that improve efficiency and expertise, and enhance creativity for fresh design and fabrication ideas.


“Last year we had a group of hungry professionals who wanted to be better at what they do,” said Jason Kranitz, owner and lead trainer of Kingpin University. “This year we’ve streamlined the Crash Course curriculum to give attendees even more great ideas and techniques to take home and create an immediate impact on their businesses and careers. We are excited to hold this second session and look forward to expanding Crash Course to other areas of the country.”

The Crash Course training will take place at 3068 Sunrise Blvd., Suite C, in Rancho Cordova. Tuition is $229 per person. Lunch is sponsored by Aurigin, the parent company of Hybrid Audio Technologies and Zapco USA. On-site demo vehicles will demonstrate many of the techniques taught in the class.

Professional installers and fabricators can sign up for the training at kingpinuniversity.com, or call (503) 582-1315 for more information.


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