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KICKER Sponsors Early-Season, CES Showdown Sound-Off

Competitors getting set early in the parking lot at the Texas station casino.

STILLWATER, OK (01.15.2019) – For the second consecutive year, KICKER sponsored one of the largest car-audio sound-offs in the West: The 2019 CES Showdown. Hosted by the Texas Station Gambling Hall and Hotel in Las Vegas, the two-day show began the Saturday following CES (January 12) at 8 a.m. and continued to 6 p.m. Sunday.

“KICKER was once again stoked to help with this cool event to kick off the competition year,” said Kip Litsey, KICKER Marketing Associate Director. “KICKER and sound-offs have a long history, and we were proud to be a part of this great early-season event.”

MECA, dB Drag, IASCA and USACi formats were on the schedule.

Featuring both sound-pressure-level and sound-quality categories, individual triple-point competitions were held by dB Drag Racing, IASCA, and MECA organizations. Also, USACi offered its only West-Coast, quadruple-point event of the season. Showdown founder Steve Barber and the Vegas Style SPL Car Club serve as promoters for the show, and they expect more than 100 competitors and a crowd in excess of 1,000 spectators.

dB Drag was set with Wayne and Cody Harris on site.

In addition to the car-audio competition, attendees could participate in a pizza-eating contest, a tug-of-war, subwoofer toss and a charity raffle. KICKER donated several prizes, including amplifiers, Bluetooth speakers, t-shirts, caps, jackets and more.

Wayne Harris and son Cody were in town on the CES show floor and on site at the CES Showdown. Harris commented, “Coming to Vegas for a day at CES to see industry friends and get the competition year started at the CES Showdown made a lot of sense. Well worth it.”

Travis Chin, IASCA Event Director in Washington and Oregon was also in site to get the season underway.

Linda Kobayashi and Richard Papasin manned the MECA booth in the associations area at the LVCC during CES and talked up the CES Showdown event.

Richard Papasin and Linda Kobayashi were on site for MECA. Papasin stated, “This was an excellent event all around. All 4 SoundOff organizations were present including MECA, dD Drag, IASCA and USACi. For MECA we had 11 entries in the SQL and 41 in SPL including 1 MECA kids. Phillip Scarboro, from Arizona, had the highest MECA score of the day in Radical X at over 173db. Ray Pimley, from California, had the highest headrest score along with Park & Pound at over 137 db and took home MECA’s SPL Best of Show.”

Phillip Scarboro posted the biggest SPL number of the event.

“We started doing this show seven years ago,” said Barber. “I was born and raised in Vegas. As car-audio junkie, I noticed every (car-audio) manufacturer had a CES demo car. Over the years, the noise was too much, so they weren’t allowed to show off their install. I thought it would be cool to give them a place to show their products in action.

“Now the major manufacturers are involved, and the show has turned out to be one of the biggest SPL shows on the West Coast. People are coming from every corner of the country to compete.”


Spectators got free admission. For more information, see the “CES Showdown 2019” Facebook page. (Click here to visit page.)

Visit kicker.com for more.

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