• Mike Van Horn

Kicker Returns to Outlaw Armageddon 2018

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STILLWATER, OK (08.08.2018) – KICKER will have the XRV (Xtreme Recreational Vehicle) roaring into the pits as more than 150 of the fastest street cars in the country are committed to attending Outlaw Armageddon, the World Series of no-prep drag racing. Thunder Valley Raceway Park (Noble, Okla.) plays host to the annual event August 9-11, now for the fourth consecutive year. The XRV rig, including its rolling showroom of audio products and the 20,000-watt Boom Room, will compete with booming engines and screeching tires at one of the loudest venues KICKER will attend in 2018.


The BIG ROB Entertainment Camaro will be a featured vehicle in the KICKER area, a racer fully equipped with KICKER KS-Series coaxials, KX-Series amplifier and CompR subwoofers. Outlaw Armageddon founder and promoter “Big Marc” will park his competing, convertible ‘93 Mustang in the KICKER area well. The Mustang features premium KICKER QS-Series components, L7S square subwoofers and CX-Series amplifiers. Both vehicles are expected to challenge in the lanes.


According to outlawarmageddon.com, more than 12,000 spectators attended the event in 2017, and more are anticipated this year. Prizes totaling more than $150,000 are at stake in seven different classes, with several members of Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws and Street Outlaws: New Orleans committed to attend the race.

Visit www.outlawarmageddon.com and www.kicker.com for more.

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