• Mike Van Horn

KICKER Line Output Converter Delivers with Remote Turn-On Wire and Flat Frequency Response

STILLWATER, OK (08.07.2019) – Adding to a long line of installation innovations, KICKER has announced the availability of the KISLOC2 Stereo Line Output Converter, now available at Authorized KICKER Dealers both in-store and online. In addition to standard LOC traits, KISLOC2 features a remote turn-on wire so installers don’t have to search for a switched 12-volt power source.

In addition, unlike traditional LOCs, the KICKER KISLOC2 was designed without inductors to deliver a completely flat frequency response, regardless of volume level or music type.

Along with touting superior sonic accuracy, the innovative KICKER KISLOC2 uses the radio’s DC offset to convert the incoming high-level signal into both an RCA signal and a powerful 100-milliamp, 12-volt remote wire, supplying enough remote power to turn on multiple amplifiers with this single connection. KISLOC2 also includes a signal-sensing LED for turn-on verification.

For more information, visit kicker.com/KISLOC2.


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