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KICKER L7T Thin Square-Sub Line Hits Stores

STILLWATER, OK (06.10.2019) – KICKER has combined the mounting flexibility of a thin, true subwoofer to the added cone area of its iconic Solo-Baric L7 square subs. Six models of this new L7T Subwoofer line have now begun shipping to Authorized Dealers in the United States and are available both in-store and online.

The unique square cone provides up to 20% additional cone area compared to a standard circular sub of the same size, making a 12-inch square sub perform like a 15-inch round subwoofer, without requiring a larger frame or motor. The consumer enjoys more volume, deeper bass and greater overall value, and in the case with the L7T, the ability to fit into the trickiest installations with its thin design.

The extended top plate has a patented “bumped” design, allowing extra excursion and long throw for deeper overall bass, despite its shallow makeup. KICKER’s UniPlate combines the pole piece and backplate as a single, seamless unit meant to pull damaging heat away from the sub. Perimeter venting is also used above the top plate, bringing additional cooling air in and around the motor.

KICKER’s SoloKon technology employs an injection-molded polypropylene square cone and 360-degree back bracing as a single solid unit. The unique design assists in both cooling the motor and eliminating distortion. Patented ribbed corners are incorporated into the high-roll Santoprene surround. The corners allow the square suspension to move smoothly under high SPL requirements, providing a loud, accurate response. KICKER then stitches the cone to the surround, providing an additional level of integrity.

To learn more about the LT7 subwoofer line, click here.

Visit kicker.com for more.


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