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KICKER Expands International Sales Force

STILLWATER, OK (07.03.2019) – Stillwater Designs, the manufacturer of KICKER audio products, has announced the promotion of David Glasgow to International Sales Manager, effective July 1. Glasgow is a KICKER veteran with more than two decades of experience in several positions within the company. Glasgow will take charge of several global accounts which will be determined at a later date.

“Management has identified the International Sales Department as a growth center for KICKER,” said Chester Weddle, KICKER’s Director of International Sales. “The company determined an increased investment in international sales was essential.”

“We’re incredibly excited,” Weddle continued. “We think David will be a fantastic addition to the team, and not just for the enthusiasm and work ethic he brings to the table. He has the right mix of character and attitude we look for.

“Initially, his task will be to maintain existing relationships, and then going forward, forge a new presence in territories we haven’t explored before. We want to expand the ‘KICKER attitude’ in the field.”

KICKER, now in its 46th year, has steadily expanded distribution into more than 70 countries on six continents.

“Being a small team has allowed us to focus on the right partnerships and experience growth over the last several years,” said Weddle. “Now is the time to continue expanding and fully realize KICKER’s position on the global stage.”

“We’re going to grow the business by taking care of existing relationships and establish new ones,” said Glasgow. “By working closely with distributors around the world, we can increase communication, improve sales strategy and boost the retailer’s exposure to local markets. Everyone wins.”

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