• Mike Van Horn

KICKER Announces Full 2019 CX-Series Amplifier Line Now Shipping to Dealers

STILLWATER, OK (02.19.2019) – KICKER authorized dealers across the country are already receiving the full 2019 KICKER CX-Series Amplifier line, now shipping. Designed with more power and greater installation flexibility, the new group of six CX-Series Amplifiers offers increased value and “installer-friendliness” to both installers and consumers. The amps, which come with hardware for space-saving vertical mounting, are now available for purchase at Authorized KICKER Dealers in-store and online.

Adding an 800- and 400-watt option to the CXA mono amp mix, all four bass amps are now one-ohm stable to increase system wiring flexibility. The amplifiers will also include a full-range, RCA pass-through for easy system expansion, as well as KickEQ 6dB variable bass boost, 12dB crossover and a 24dB subsonic filter. The amp is also compatible with the CXARC Remote Bass Control to allow fingertip operation from the front of the vehicle while driving.

Increasing the power to both multi-channel amplifiers, each speaker output is stable down to two ohms, and includes a 12dB crossover. Like the mono models, the bass channel on the unique CXA660.5 includes a 24dB subsonic filter and is compatible with the CXARC remote.

Using FIT+ (Fail-safe Integration Technology-PLUS), KICKER ensures every 2019 CXA amplifier delivers a flexible, noise-free signal. Featuring a best-in-class input sensitivity, KICKER CX-Series Amplifiers now accept input voltages ranging from as little as 250 millivolts to as much as 40 volts, ensuring the amplifiers will work with virtually any factory or aftermarket radio without the additional expense of a line-out converter. A three-second turn-on/turn-off delay is also standard.

Consumers can visit www.kicker.com/2019-CX-amplifiers for more information.


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