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KENWOOD Tasks Seth Halstead With Enhanced Retail Training Development

RANCHO DOMINGUEZ, CA (07.26.2018) – KENWOOD USA has promoted Seth Halstead to the position of national training and content development manager. Halstead was given the new position after more than three years serving as eastern regional training manager for the brand. The promotion allows KENWOOD to develop a more efficient training and resources program for retailers.

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Though his former position focused on a select geographical area, Halstead was proactive in developing training content and materials to benefit KENWOOD and KENWOOD eXcelon retailers throughout North America. In addition to traveling frequently for on-site training at stores and shows, he has been pivotal in the formation and management of KENWOOD University (kenwooduniversity.com), a website that supports KENWOOD retailers with product information, training resources and customer-centric marketing and educational materials. Halstead also develops product videos for the KENWOOD USA channel on YouTube, of which his videos have generated over half a million views.


“Seth has been an invaluable resource to both our retailers and our reps in the field,” said Scott Caswell, senior marketing manager for KENWOOD. “He has a natural inclination to help others while at the same time seeing the most efficient ways to do it. We are adjusting how we train and keep retailers by using more online resources, and Seth has been a key catalyst of making that happen.”

In his new role, Halstead will supplement in-person training by managing and providing content for the company’s online training resources, including KENWOOD University and pages on YouTube and Facebook. He will also assess training needs with input from retailers and work with internal teams to develop content and resources to meet those needs.


“My goal is to make it simple to connect to and learn from KENWOOD,” said Halstead. “That used to mean unending travel and lots of paper materials. Today it includes providing a combination of scheduled live presentations, on-demand content that can be accessed anytime, proactive notifications and easy-to-find updates. We can meet retailers’ and installers’ busy schedules by giving them access to what they need, how and when they need it.”

Halstead will head KENWOOD’s training efforts in the KENWOOD product training workshop during KnowledgeFest, August 17-19 at the Dallas Convention Center. The workshop, which focuses on KENWOOD’s Hi-Res speaker and amplifier line as well as selling strategies for new-generation products, will take place in room C146 on Saturday and room C144 on Sunday.

To reserve a seat in the workshop or learn more about KnowledgeFest, go to knowledgefest.org.


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