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Kenwood and ADS Maestro Host Training At Duke’s Car Stereo

FLINT MI (11.20.18) Kenwood hosted a product training session for Duke’s Car Stereo staff members on Wednesday evening November 14th at the local Logan’s RoadHouse. Kenwood National Trainer Seth Halstead made the presentation. Following the Kenwood presentation Matt Yerger covered the iDatalink Maestro lineup.

Seth Halstead during his Kenwood presentation.

Duke’s Car Stereo, at 48 years, is the oldest Kenwood’s dealer in the U.S. Mark Comier and the team operate 4 locations in the Flint area.

Duke’s Mark Comier in front of a Kenwood display holding a new Maestro product.

Halstead commented “I presented the full 2018-2019 KENWOOD Prodouct Line-up, focusing on key KENWOOD eXcelon Reference selling strategies and advantages. After I presented, Matt Yerger took the stage to present on the iDatalink Maestro line-up, with a focus on how to use and apply the Maestro RR.

Yerger, ADS eLearning Manager, related “Providing a 1 hour training to a key retailer that is new to Maestro is always challenging as we provide so many amazing features it is a bit difficult to chose what to cover. With Duke’s I focused on the benefits of selling the Maestro RR which includes retailing many OEM features like backup camera, Infotainment systems, secondary displays and more recently safety and convenience features like collision avoidance and blindspot detection”.

“The Kenwood and Maestro sessions were terrific. It was great to watch and listen to our staff members interact with Seth and Matt. The Maestro poducts had just arrived at our stores so the timing was perfect. The information our staff members learned will certainly help drive sales of our full featured Kenwood in-dash units.” Comier offered.

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