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JRI Motorsports Hosted MECA Show & Shine

At the end of the day the group who worked to make the event a success are pictured. MECA Commish Steve Stern on the left.

LEWISBURG, TN (08.12.2018) – The MECA Show and Shine at JRI Motorsports, on Sunday July 29th, was different than most MECA events… JRI Motorsports is not a 12volt retailer.

MECA Commish Steve Stern stated “The JRI event was terrific. It was a show that exemplified our club and trade association’s goal to foster neighborhood and community participation in our events.”

Motorcycles loaded with audio were also featured at the event.

The show was hosted by MECA member Johnathan Rivera, owner of JRI Motorsports. This is a mechanic and high performance shop that does not sell 12 volt products. Rivera wants to promote his business and feels that MECA events, with a family friendly club atmosphere, are a perfect way to get his name out quickly and cost-effectively in his area.

Members of the Richardson family pictured with a RatRod at the event.

Rivera commented to 12voltnews.com “I really enjoy music and Lewisburg is a big car town. Hosting a MECA Show and Shine was just right to create excitement and put our shop’s name in front of a lot of local auto enthusiasts. I was very pleased with the turnout. We promoted the event with a low budget with just fliers around town and Facebook.”

In keeping with the event theme members of the Richardson family are shown with true classic.

Stern added “We had almost 50 vehicles show up for the Show & Shine. The Show & Shiners liked the program a lot and said that they would tell their car show friends and bring twice as many for the next event JRI event scheduled for September 16th. A bounce house and food truck were on-site to enhance the activities.”

MECA Judges Victor O’Brien, James Robb, and Ethan Stern worked with the Commish to provide a top-notch promotion for JRI Motorsports. MECA reaches out to all car audio and car/truck/motorcycle show people to bring them together to share the MECA Club’s passion for music, bass, and nice rides.

Contact the Commissioner to explore options relating to MECA events at 615-851-7428 or [email protected]


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