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Instrument Sales And Service Displayed Cadillac Replacement Radios at PNWCEE

SEATTLE, WA (04.30.2019) – Instrument Sales and Service showed the company’s replacement radios for Cadillacs, model years 2013-2019, at the 7th Annual Pacific Northwest Consumer Electronics Expo. Offering this product/service is a new sales and profit opportunity for 12volt retailers. A 12volt retailer can make several hundred dollars when providing this service and the GM to GM installation is plug and play.

Michael LeClaire (R) and Jorge Fornos pictured with ISS products in the booth at the PNWCEE in Seattle.

Michael LcClaire, Sales Director, stated “In the marketplace, radio screens on these Cadillac models are cracking and/or delaminating. The screen gets hot and the film shrinks. The cracking or delaminating presents software and responsiveness issues for drivers. Radio replacement is the most requested service at dealerships for these model years.”

In the company’s booth at the PNWCEE, LeClaire and Jorge Fornos, Sales Representative in the Northwest, showed a Cadillac radio with a delaminated screen and an ISS replacement radio.

“At the Expo, we learned 12volt retailers did not know these replacement Cadillac radios were available. Jorge and I spent time with certainly over 40 dealers to explain how the ISS service works. It really is a smooth process. Essentially the dealer calls us with the vehicle VIN number. That information lets know the exact radio model and cost of the replacement radio. We then complete the order with the dealer and the replacement radio will be shipped.”

Visit pnwcee.com for more.

ISS, Instrument Sales and Service, offers OEM Cadillac replacement radios for all models. All replacement radio models are in stock and ship the day ordered with 2-Day deliver. GM flip down video screens for rear seat passengers are also available.

ISS, based in Kent WA, has been in business over 50 years as an industry leader for repair and re-manufacturing of tier one automotive components.

For more info, call 800-666-5469 or visit www.instrumentsales.com

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