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Installer Institute’s 26-Week Comprehensive Installations Program is Now Eligible for Federal Studen

HOLLY HILL, FL (07.24.2019) – Metra Electronics’ Installer Institute has announced that another one of their programs is eligible for Title IV funding: the 26-Week Comprehensive Installations Program. This program now offers Federal Student Loans and Pell Grants for those that qualify.

The program’s eligibility allows students to submit a free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with the Installer Institute’s federal code, 042742, to determine eligibility for federal financial aid.

“We’re thrilled to receive financial aid for our 26-week program, as it will allow students with financial needs to receive benefits that will help cover a great portion of their tuition. Overall, federal financial aid makes our training programs more accessible to students of all backgrounds who are eager to train for a career in mobile, marine and home electronics. Installer Institute is a legitimate training facility where we focus on real hands-on training and the constant growth of our Industry,” stated Monica Anderson, Director of the Installer Institute.

Things to know:

● FAFSA is now available and includes PELL Grants and Federal Student Loans for those who qualify. ● Installer Institute is a recognized, approved and licensed training facility by the Department of Education, Veterans Affairs, Vocational Rehabilitation and accredited by ACCET. ● Private financing is also available.

● Job placement assistance and employee search services are available. ● All programs consist of instructional hours in the classroom, workshops and hands-on training in the install bay and fabrication shop. ● The programs also offer workshops to improve student job skills and education in the process of owning their own business as an installation professional. ● Students will learn the best practices related to the industry and will be prepared to take several industry certification examinations. ● Additional topics covered in these programs are subwoofer enclosure design, vehicle acoustics, integrating with OEM systems, practical installations, security and remote start, leather interior installations, tint, home audio and structured wiring, home automation and control, advanced interior panel design, custom fabrication, fiberglass enclosure design and construction, fabricating with advanced composites, painting, welding and more. ● Accommodations near the campus in Daytona Beach, Florida, are included with tuition, and prospective students are encouraged to speak with an admissions advisor to learn more. ● Continuing Education classes (6 days long) are also available. ● Discounts towards tuition may be offered to Metra Electronics dealers.

Visit InstallerInstitute.edu for more information or call the school at 386-672-5771.

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