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Industry Members Working Together to Create Awareness, Connect with Consumers… and Drive Sales

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SHREVEPORT, LA (01.28.2019) – Creating consumer awareness has never been more important than it is today for the 12volt industry. This past weekend it was terrific to see members of the 12volt industry working together to showcase our wide range of products directly to consumers. Retailers, manufacturers, distributors and rep firms invested time and energy to be on site at the New York Boat Show, Portland Auto Show and Papo’s Alarm and Sound in Lakeland, FL. Waves and Wheels presented the company’s Bluave Audio brand to consumers at the Overland Park Boat Show in Overland Park, KS.

The floor of the Javits Center was boats wall the wall.

Proline Car Stereo, and sister company Brooklyn Car Audio, returned to the Javits Center for the annual New York Boat Show. The companies’ booth was filled with marine products and great deals. JL Audio was the featured brand and booth staff members sported JL Audio wear. Will Sullivan, Boat Captain, offered “Traffic in our booth was very good during the show. Traffic, and everyone’s outlook, seemed to be even better after the news that the government shutdown had ended,” Shef Sadik, First Mate, added. “We have a boatload of leads that we will be following up on in the coming days.”

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Stereo King, Portland area 12volt retailer with 5 locations, had a strong presence at the Portland International Auto Show at the Oregon Convention Center. N&S Marketing’s Ryan Christie was on site along with Kenwood’s Rob Sutton and Dual’s Jeremy Foss. The Portland International Auto Show is the largest in the Great Northwest and Stereo King had a very large booth to connect with members of the large automotive crowd. Stereo King also showcased motorcycle and powersports products. N&S’s Dale Naeseth supplied some super images.

The Stereo King booth, at set up, at the Portland International Auto Show highlighted key brands and product categories.

Industry members coming together at events like the New York Boat Show and the Portland International Auto Show, to connect directly with consumers and enthusiasts, will create demand… and drive sales.

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Papo’s Alarm and Sound is a 12volt retailer in Lakeland, FL. On Saturday, January 26th, Papo’s held the company’s Open House 2019 event. Mike Barcia, driving the DOW Electronics Sony Veloster, was the center of attention in front of the store. The Sony tent and banners, with the Veloster rockin’ tunes, was the the first stop for those attending the event.

In a phone call from the event Barcia said “We set up and worked with the Papo’s team to sell some products and Sony. We brought a couple dozen Dunkin’ DoNuts and they went fast. The event went very well… working with dealers at their events creates a strong business, and personal, relation ship that shows in overall sales.”

Papo’s Alarm and Sound features a wide variety of products well merchandised in the showroom.

A shout out also to Waves and Wheels as the company had a very prominent booth at the Overland Park Boat Show. Attendees were invited to experience an impressive Bluave Audio demo in an amazing 390 Nortech rig.

February is just a few days away and spring will not be far behind. The remote starter season will fade with warmer weather-giving away to car audio and in-vehicle products, marine motorcycle plus powersports products. As an industry let’s all work together to create awareness, connect with consumers… and drive sales.

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