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Industry Icons Launch New Company – SoundShield

DALLAS, TX (07.23.2019) – 12 volt industry icons John Schwartz and Bryan Schmitt have partnered to launch a premium brand of sound deadening products called SoundShield. The flagship product is a 4.5mm thick, triple-layer damping sheet with a flexible butyl rubber, high-tac adhesive base, a heat-rejecting foil center and a high-tech, waterproof closed-cell foam top layer. The sheets easily install on vehicle sheet metal and panels prone to vibration and transfer of road noise. SoundShield products are intended for 12 volt installation specialists and interior fabricators to aid in premium, finished-quality results of an automotive interior and sound system. The products debut at the MEA KnowledgeFest in Dallas, TX on August 9th.

Both company founders come from other well-established, self-made companies. Schwartz is the CEO of 2010 & 2015 ME-Mag Retailer of the Year, Perfectionist Auto Sound & Security in Anchorage, AK. Schmitt is the President of ME-Mag 2017 Accessory Vendor of the Year and three-time category finalist, Mobile Solutions USA. Both are regular presenters at industry trade events and mentors to many retail shop owners. The two have collaborated on business ideas and forward-looking industry initiatives over the years and the partnership with SoundShield is a natural evolution of their relationship.

“I’m so excited to partner with Bryan on SoundShield. He is one of the most respected people I know. I met Bryan in 2009 at a trade show and I knew we would be great friends. I think the Perfectionist Auto Sound & Security name I’ve worked hard to elevate completely matches the values of the Mobile Solutions brand. We both espouse integrity and high quality in the work we do, as well as that represented by independent specialists around the country. We want 12 volt technicians and interior fabricators to love SoundShield as much as we do” remarked Schwartz. Among the technical accolades, Schwartz notes the retail-to-consumer margins with SoundShield are also fantastic.

Since January 2019 the pair have been developing the SoundShield brand to serve the independent 12 volt specialist by researching and sourcing the highest quality automotive sound damping and absorption products in the industry. They’ve not only considered the technical aspects and installation-friendly design, but created stunning retail packaging and thoughtful profit margins to bring added labor dollars into the business of its dealers. “We are very much dedicated to highlighting the value of specialty installation and SoundShield products simply add to that effort. John Schwartz is an amazing marketing mind and an all-around business inspiration with all he’s accomplished, so I could not be more pleased to partner with him in SoundShield. We believe we have something very special to bring to market” commented Schmitt. The company says retailers selling upscale interiors and high-end audio upgrades are the ideal audience for SoundShield partnerships.

SoundShield will debut its flagship damping sheet technology at MEA KnowledgeFest in Dallas, TX, August 9-11, 2019. They will be co-located with the Mobile Solutions booth #523. SoundShield products will be distributed out of their Dallas, TX warehouse which has its own dedicated staff. Shipping times are within 1-3 days anywhere in the continental US. The company is also seeking international distributors.

Visit www.soundshieldusa.com or follow the company on Instagram @soundshield for more info.


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