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Imagine Audio Wins the Pioneer D-Series Sound BuildOff

CHERRY HILL, NJ (10.08.2018) – Imagine Audio’s winning entry in the Pioneer Sound BuildOff, D-Series, is front and center in the company’s Cherry Hill New Jersey showroom.

Marc Balzer, Ryan Stadtler and Tiago Rocha (LtoR) pictured in the Imagine Audio show room with their Pioneer Sound BuildOff E3 creation – the top D-Series vote-getter at the MESA Summit.

Pioneer tasked 8 MESA members to create imaginative installations showcasing the new Pioneer A-Series Speakers plus the D-Series Speakers. Pioneer provided each of the eight dealers with an E3 electric car. Four E3’s featuring A-Series Speakers and four featuring D-Series Speakers were highlighted in the Pioneer Foyer, at the Westminster Westin Hotel, during the recent MESA Summit in Denver. The Imagine Audio entry received the most votes from MESA members in the D-Series.

The Imagine Audio E3 pictured at the MESA Summit.

Imagine Audio owner Marc Balzer stated “Being chosen to be a part of the Pioneer Sound BuildOff was terrific. Getting the most votes from MESA members in the D-Series competition was truly a thrill. When I walked to the stage, after being named the winner in Denver, I was shaking. When Ted Cardenas presented black poker chips totaling $5,000. I was in shock.”

Pioneer delivered the E3 electric car to Imagine Audio’s store on the “Miracle Mile of Cherry Hill” on August 28 with a timeframe of 9 days to complete their creation in the E3. Balzer commented “I had never heard of, much less seen, an E3 electric car. There was no information on the internet either. I got together with our tech team members Ryan Stadtler and Tiago Rocha to figure out how to create a winning installation for the D-Series. I personally do a lot of fabrication and I can tell you I have never seen anything like the E3. It’s small, has 3 wheels, one seat, a plastic dash and everything is pretty darn flimsy structurally.”

The custom amp rack showcased terrific creativity and workmanship by the Imagine Audio team.

Jeff Shultz, Pioneer District Sales Manager-Car Electronics offered “Following the Highlander build project last year Marc mentioned to me that he would be very interested in doing a build if Pioneer did another build contest. Imagine Audio is a very good dealer and I knew Marc was a gifted fabricator that worked on a lot of high-end cars. When the E3 build project came up this year I thought Marc and his team would do a great job. They won the E3 D-Series competition and I am so happy for them.”

In 9 days the Imagine Audio team reinforced their E3’s body, redid all the wiring and completed custom installation panels for the D-Series Speakers. An attention grabbing amp rack and head unit installation completed the job for the E3 to be picked up on September 6th for the haul to Denver. Once in Denver the E3 had Pioneer graphics applied.

Interior accent lighting drew the attention of MESA voters to the Imagine Audio Pioneer E3.

When the MESA Summit began on September 17th all eight of the E3’s were positioned in the Foyer at the Westminster Westin Hotel for MESA members to experience and cast their ballots for their favorite.

Concluding, Balzer related “The Pioneer E3 is already getting attention on our showroom floor. We plan to create in-store promotions around the E3 plus take it to local events where is will certainly draw a lot of attention for Pioneer and Imagine Audio.”


Balzer founded Imagine Audio in 2004 and has been a MESA member for 5 years. The company slogan is “Enjoy What You Drive.”

Visit imagineaudio.com and pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA for more.

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