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iBEAM Announces New Commercial and Consumer Vehicle Safety Products at CES

HOLLY HILL, FL (12.21.2018) – iBEAM by Metra Electronics is introducing new vehicle safety products at CES 2019, designed for applications ranging from consumer vehicles to commercial tractor trailers, Jeeps, ATVs, UTVs and motorcycles. Investing in vehicle safety upgrades continues to grow across commercial and consumer markets. Drivers are seeing how valuable it is to record their driving history in case of accidents, as well as having a video system to improve overall visibility. iBEAM’s new products will be on display at booth 5211 at CES.


Water Resistant Dual-Camera and DVR The TE-DVR-PS is a water-resistant dual-channel hide-away camera designed for motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, boats or other outdoor vehicles. This kit includes front and back cameras that provide 150-degree viewing angles and 1080p video recording at 30 frames per second for high-quality video playback. Both cameras and the control box are IP67 rated. Video is recorded and stored on a Micro SD card protected behind a water-resistant door on the Wi-Fi enabled control box. The free RoadCam smartphone app can be used for video playback of past recordings. It is also helpful to use when installing the system to ensure correct camera positioning. The TE-DVR-PSEXT is an 8-foot extension cable with IP67 rated connectors used to extend the rear camera of the TE-DVR-PS (sold separately). For drivers who want to protect themselves from liability in the event of an accident or simply record their adventures, the TE-DVR-PS is a reliable water-resistant choice for outdoor vehicles.

TE-DVR-PS Specifications: ● Dual-channel FHD camera and built-in DVR ● 150-degree viewing angle ● 6G SONY camera lens ● Surface or flush mounting options for cameras ● G-Sensor to prevent overwriting video recordings in the event of a collision ● 1920x1080p at 30fps camera resolution for both cameras ● H.264 compression ● Water resistant with IP67 rated cameras and control box ● Wi-Fi enabled for smartphone app playback ● “RoadCam” app is available for iOS or Android devices ● Supports 128Gb Micro SD card ● Operating voltage is 10-32 V DC


Jeep Wrangler Reverse Camera Multi-Adjustable Spare Tire Mount and Integration Kit The TE-JEEP-BU-2 is a complete kit for installing and integrating a reverse camera in Jeep Wrangler 2007-2018 models (excluding JL) with the OEM screen. It includes a multi-adjustable bracket, reverse camera and Axxess interface with a vehicle-specific harness. The spare tire mounting bracket adapts to different configurations so installers can set the ideal viewing angle for a variety of factory and aftermarket Jeep spare tires. The included camera has a wide diagonal viewing angle of 170 degrees with 0.6 LUX night vision. For easy integration into the factory display, the AX-ADDCAM interface detects when the reverse gear has been engaged and then activates the backup camera to show the camera feed with parking guidelines. The kit includes a vehicle-specific harness and is scalable, providing up to three additional camera inputs to the factory radio.

TE-JEEP-BU-2 Specifications: Bracket ● 110 degrees of left to right slide ● 2 ½ inches of lift at the top of the bracket ● 5 inches of additional lift at the base of the bracket ● Head of bracket is bendable for angle adjustment

Camera ● 170-degree field of diagonal view ● IP67 rating ● High-quality metal housing ● 0.6 LUX night vision ● Parking lines

Interface ● AX-ADDCAM camera switching interface included ● Vehicle-specific harness included ● Automatically detects and triggers the camera when reverse is engaged ● Integrates up to four camera inputs to the factory radio


Ford Replacement Tailgate Handle Camera The TE-FDHDH provides an unobtrusive and OEM-style reverse camera in the tailgate handle, designed for Ford F-250/F-350/F-450 2017-up* models. It provides a wide field of view with defeatable parking lines to allow the driver to maneuver the vehicle with confidence. A 1/4 inch CMOS camera sensor with 400 TV lines provides a sharp, clear picture during the day or night with 0.1 LUX night vision. A 26 foot extension cable is included.

TE-FDHDH Specifications ● CMOS 1/4 Sensor with 0.1 LUX ● Resolution: 400 TV lines ● Field of view: Diagonal 168⁰, Horizontal 136⁰ & Vertical 100⁰ ● IP69 ● Black textured finish ● Defeatable parking lines


Ford F-150 Side View Camera Kit iBEAM’s TE-FORD-SV fits Ford F-150 2015-2017 models with 4.2” screens and 8” screens and is a complete kit to add cameras onto the side mirrors and integrate the video into the OEM screen. The TE-FORD-SV camera kit includes two side mirror pods and cameras providing a 170-degree field of view and Axxess AX-ADDCAM interface and wiring. The AX-ADDCAM camera switching interface allows integration for up to four different cameras to function automatically for parking assistance with four CAN activated camera inputs to the factory radio. No human interaction is required to display the camera feeds unless desired. For easier installation, a vehicle-specific harness is included.


Commercial Wireless Portable Camera The TE-CCWRM streams video wirelessly with a magnetically mounted rechargeable camera. For commercial truck drivers that do not own their trailer, this is an ideal solution for temporary placement onto any metal surface. It can quickly be added and removed to provide a wireless video feed to a video monitor (sold separately), instantly increasing visibility and safety on the road. The TE-CCWRM has a strong 2.4Ghz signal for 394 feet of wireless range and a rechargeable lithium battery providing 12 hours of operation during the daytime. Commercial drivers will have a 120-degree view of their surroundings with IR LEDs for clearer nighttime viewing. This solution is recommended for use with the iBEAM TE-4WCM wireless monitor for video, which supports up to four video channels. The TE-CCWRM comes with a one year warranty.

TE-CCWRM Specifications: ● 2.4Ghz wireless camera, 394 foot range ● Built-in strong magnetic base ● Designed to mount to the outside of a large vehicle ● Built-in rechargeable lithium battery ● 12 hours of run time (in daylight) ● Overcharge protection ● Rated IP69K for outdoor use ● 0 LUX ● IR LEDs for nighttime viewing ● 120 degrees of diagonal view ● 756×504 video resolution at 30 fps


Commercial Vehicle Monitor Mounts iBEAM’s monitor mounts provide a universal solution that works with most commercial monitors to secure the display to the inside of the vehicle. Three different options are available to mount the monitor to the dashboard, windshield or any flat surface.

TE-MM3M: ● Larger surface with 3M tape for mounting to the dashboard ● 4 inch by 4 inch surface mounting area with bendable pieces to adjust to rounded surfaces ● Low profile with a 1.5 inch adjustable mount from the mounting surface

TE-MMWS: ● Strong suction cup mount ● Low profile with a 2.5 inch adjustable shaft from suction cup

TE-MMS: ● Dual screw mount (2.5” X 1.5”) ● Mount to any flat surface ● 4 inch slightly curved neck from mounting surface

iBEAM’s latest safety solutions will be on display at CES at the Metra Electronics booth 5211 in the North Hall and in the Metra New Products Guide Catalog, released on January 8, 2019.

Visit iBEAMusa.com for up-to-date, vehicle specific information.


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