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IASCA to Host the First Ever “Jeep Beats” Competition at Jeep Beach in Daytona

The SoundCrafter’s ‘07 Jeep Wrangler JK U, showcasing the latest in mobile electronics, will be very visible. IASCA will produce the first ever JEEP BEATS Sound Off.

“We have big plans for IASCA, and SoundCrafters, at Jeep Beach. We are havin’ fun!” -Paul Papadeas

DAYTONA BEACH, FL (01.23.2019) – The IASCA mission promoting consumer awareness continues, now placing car audio manufacturers and suppliers in front of new consumers. IASCA President and industry activist Paul Papadeas has made a great connection with the producers of the annual Jeep Beach event held at the end of every April in Daytona Beach. Jeep Beach (April 22-28, 2019) is a series of city-wide functions, lasting all week, culminating with a huge expo at the Daytona International Speedway.

“The Jeep Beach producers are wonderful people with a great sense of community. Their event production carries the same sense of professionalism, commitment and responsibility as we did at SBN. When we acquired IASCA almost 20 years ago, the mission was industry proliferation,” stated Papadeas. “What our industry needs, especially now, is better exposure to new consumers and marketing events like these fit the bill.”


The recent cancellation of SBN 2019 was, in part, stimulated by waning manufacturer support for the event. Let’s face facts; car audio suppliers seemingly take issue with supporting events for those who already own their car audio products. What they want to see are new faces. Developing alliances with events the likes of Jeep Beach will give just that to our industry. IASCA will produce the first ever JEEP BEATS Soundoff at the Jeep Beach Monday night kick-off gathering at the DME Stadium. Modified IASCA rules to suit the Jeep’s unique acoustical environment will be applied.


Over 200 vendors participating in Jeep Beach reach more than 25,000 participants in this charitable event. Jeep Beach is a 501 (c) (3) organization, which to date has donated more than 1.5 million dollars to national and local charities.

“Their mission is charitable contributions,” Papadeas commented. “My mission is industry proliferation- and this event makes sense.”

For vendor information, visit jeepbeach.com or contact [email protected]

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