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IASCA ASIA Receives Award

DAYTONA BEACH, FL (03.27.2019) – IASCA Worldwide Inc., is proud to announce that a prestigious award for outstanding achievement was presented overseas. Recently, Motonation, an organization that connects industry proponents and influences end users, held their Second Annual Asia Automotive Award Night, recognizing outstanding achievement in multiple automotive business categories.

The award for Asia’s Best Car Audio Sound Standard went to IASCA Worldwide’s Director of IASCA Asia, Samuel Tan. Tan began his association with IASCA over 15 years ago as the Director of IASCA Singapore. Having accomplished great measures in Signapore, IASCA recognized that Tan’s expertise and abilites were best utlized throughout all Asian markets.

The event was held at the luxurious Palace of the Golden Horses in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. More than 500 invited guests were on hand to honor 77 champions in each of the categories.

“We are extremely proud of Samuel’s work for the IASCA mission across Asia,” stated IASCA Worldwide President Paul Papadeas. “Samuel travels regularly across Asia, speaks 7 languages; and has coordianted and performed everal well-attended IASCA Judges trainings.”

Papadeas continued, “Samuel has brought all Pan-Asian IASCA affiliations together to produce very successful car audio marketing events and has influenced Chinese authorities to recognize IASCA sound quality and installation standards, to the degree that they proclaimed IASCA as the only official competition sanctioning body in the country. It’s safe to say that Tan’s work is instrumental in IASCA’s success in the region.”

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