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House of Electronics Hosted Dealers

MORTON GROVE, IL (05.30.2019) – House of Electronics hosted dealers at the company’s Morton Grove location on Tuesday, May 14th. The show opened at 4 PM and was packed until the 10 PM closing bell.

Teg Manchanda related “We had a very good show with over 35 brands represented inside a banquet hall style tent that we set up in the parking lot outside our facility. In addition to the vendor displays we had 2 competitions in the parking lot. The Sound Competition-for Loudest Car and Best Tricked Pimp Car Competition-for the best looking car drew a lot of interest from attendees. This was our 4th year to do this and we had the most competitors we ever had. The winners and runner ups took home Pioneer NEX products as prizes.”

Dealers checked out the car sound competition and pimped out ride vehicles in the parking lot.

In the parking lot there was also a stand serving fresh Mexican Street Food cooked to order for each attendee along with appetizers, soda and beer.

The made to order Mexican street food and refreshments were enjoyed by all.

Tom Ebeling, Tree Associates, was in the house with a large display of Kicker’s product lineup. Ebeling relayed “The House of Electronics show was terrific. The attendance was super and a lot of business was done. The whole evening was very upbeat and dealers were really tuned in. The demo car contests were a big hit.”

Kicker had a large display set up by Tom Ebeling-Tree Associates. Ebeling (R) is pictured with House of Electronics owner Paul Manchanda.

Bill Mielenz, Mielenz Sales stated “The dealer turnout and interest was very strong. CRUX, DB Link and BOYO had a lot of interest. The BOYO line is just coming upon a year at House of Electronics and some dealers didn’t know the extent of the line. All in all a very good show.”

Continuing, Manchanda offered “We had the largest dealer turnout and best sales written in the last 5 years. In total 53 dealers came through over the evening. We raffled off 23 items at the end of the night to cap the show. Everyone went home saying they had a great time. Some reps said it felt like they were back in the 90s.”

Bill Mielenz had the booth set for CRUX, BOYO and DB LINK.

Brands and representatives on site included Tom Ebeling-Kicker, Michael Merrifield-Pioneer, Sam Datallo-(Maxxsonics / HiFonics / MB Quart / Crunch), Steve Fahlmark-(Boss Elite/Massive Audio/Bazooka/Audio Control / Naxa Boss Marine), Echo Sales-Farenheit / Dynamat / DEI / Avital / Autosaert / Eletromedia B), Bill Milenz-(BOYO / CRUX / DB Link), Steve Rogers-(AAMP / PAC / American International) and Bill Haren with Whistler.

Concluding, Manchanda stated “A big thank you to our vendor partners and dealers for supporting our event. We look forward to our annual show in 2020.”

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