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Heise LED Lighting Introduces New RGB Backlit Lightbars and Cubes, 20” Lightbars, Replacement Headli


HOLLY HILL, FL (10.17.2018) Heise LED Lighting by Metra Electronics will introduce a wide range of new automotive LED lighting solutions at the 2018 SEMA Show. Heise is unveiling a new Infinite Series, featuring RGB backlit lightbars and cube lights, to complement their existing RGB light kits. To fit more bumpers and hidden applications, three new 20-inch lightbar sizes will be added to Heise’s Dual Row, Blackout and Marine lightbar product lines.

Adding to their existing line of high-output cube style lights, new 140-degree cubes will be introduced, featuring a hybrid beam pattern for better light coverage and more LEDs for an even brighter output. For retrofitting older Jeeps, trucks and classic cars, Heise is debuting 4×6” and 5×7” LED replacement headlights with a partial halo in black or silver. Additionally, Heise will be launching new Jeep accessories and lights, which will be announced closer to the show date. Jon Osborne, Director of Product Development for Heise LED Lighting Systems, says that “Heise’s new lighting products reflect what our customers have been asking for on their vehicles. We work closely with installers to gather their feedback and turn it into the next generation of accessories.”

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Heise Infinite Series RGB Backlight Lightbars: Change your lightbar color with the swipe of a finger with the new Heise Infinite Series. Heise’s popular RGB lights with mobile app controllers are now available in RGB backlit lightbars from 8 to 50 inches and a cube style LED, as part of the new Infinite Series. These dual row lightbars and cubes offer pure white light with 16 million selectable colors as a backlight, controlled by a mobile app. The military breather port allows moisture to escape and the virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens will withstand the toughest environments. The backlit RGB lights use the same controller as Heise’s popular RGB accent lights, allowing the Infinite Series to be synchronized and controlled using a single mobile app. The HE-CBRGB controller is sold separately and required for RGB functionality. A multi-mount system offers side and bottom options for lightbar placement. All of the products in the Infinite Series are rated IP67 with 316 stainless hardware and integrated epoxy encapsulated electronics.

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20 Inch Dual Row Lightbars: Heise dual row lightbars will be available in a new 20-inch size, which is a popular length for many aftermarket bumpers and hidden applications. The 20-inch lightbars will be available in Heise’s traditional dual-row style, blackout style, and white marine housing with (36) 3-watt LEDs that provide 8,640 lumens.

140-Degree High-Output Cube Lights: Bright, wider-coverage 4-inch cubes are joining the Heise line of cube style LED lights. The HE-HCL140 has a hybrid 140-degree flood beam pattern with a 15-degree spot beam that provides the benefits of both an intense spotlight and wide flood beam in one light, with 30 watts providing 2,850 raw lumens. “With 6 LEDs on each side, these new cubes provide extra illumination and more light coverage than traditional style cubes,” says Osborne. A military breather port allows moisture to escape and the lights are rated IP67 with 316 stainless hardware and integrated epoxy encapsulated electronics. It is also available in a 2-pack as model number HE-HCL1402PK.

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HE-HCL140 Product Specifications: ● Input voltage: 10-30V DC ● Color temperature: 6000K ● Beam pattern: Combination flood (140) and spot (15) ● Military breather port allows moisture to escape ● Die-cast aluminum housing ● Stainless steel brackets ● Polycarbonate lens ● IP rated 67 ● Electronics: Integrated-epoxy encapsulated ● 316 stainless hardware ● Operating temperature: -40˚C to +60˚C ● Protection: Reverse polarity

5×7” and 4×6” LED Replacement Headlights: Heise is introducing new LED replacement headlights with a partial halo in 5×7” and 4×6” sizes, commonly used to retrofit older Jeeps, trucks and classic cars. The headlights will be available in black or silver with a 3,500 lumens high beam and 2,400 lumens low beam. The 5×7” lights will have (17) 5-watt LEDs for a total of 85 watts, and the 4×6” lights will have (18) 3-watt LEDs for a total of 60 watts. Both lights provide a 6500k color temperature with a polycarbonate lens and die-cast aluminum housing.

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Product Specifications: 5×7” Headlight (HE-5X7B1 Black, HE-5X7S1 Silver) ● (17) 5-watt LEDs ● Total wattage: 85 ● Color temperature: 6500K ● Current draw: 6.2 amps @13.8V, 4.3 amps @13.8V

4×6” Headlight (HE-4X6B1 Black, HE-4X6S1 Silver) ● (18) 3-watt LEDs ● Total wattage: 60 ● Color temperature: 6500K ● Current draw: 4.3 amps @13.8V, 2.9 amps @13.8V


Heise LED Lighting Systems offers a limited lifetime warranty on lightbars and cubes, a 3 year limited warranty on LED headlight bulbs and a 1 year limited warranty on all other Heise brand products purchased from authorized resellers. See all of Heise’s new products at SEMA, in the Metra Electronics main booth 11629 (North Hall) and with their off-road, truck and powersports accessories at booth 37011 in the South Hall Upper Level.

Visit HeiseLED.com for up-to-date, vehicle specific information.


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