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Groundbreaking KICKER KEY Smart Amplifier Honored Twice at SEMA Show

Pictured with the New Product Showcase award (from L to R) are Bill Miller from SEMA, and KICKER Marketing Associate Directors David Glasgow and Kip Litsey.

STILLWATER, OK (11.13.2018) – KICKER is thrilled to announce the KEY180.4 Smart Amplifier was honored twice at the 2018 SEMA Show, both as a SEMA New Product Showcase finalist and with a SEMA Global Media Award.

“It shows your engineering and ingenuity – (the New Product Showcase) is a tremendous honor,” said Bill Miller, SEMA’s Senior VP of Operations. KICKER was announced as a finalist in the “Best New Mobile Electronics Product” category.

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“We have over 3,000 products entered as part of our Showcase,” Miller explained about the rigorous process SEMA uses to choose the Showcase honorees. “We have a group of 27 retailers who judge the products in a variety of categories.”


In addition, the Global Media Awards are presented by industry news writers from all over the world, with journalists choosing the most impactful new products based on their industry experience. Editor of Canada’s Performance Auto and Sound magazine Micky Slinger chose the KEY amp.

“I read Garry Springgay’s review (in PAS) and was amazed by the technology, especially with AI (artificial intelligence) assist,” said Slinger referring to the October article. “You install it, and it tunes the whole audio system. That’s really, really cool. It’s intuitive, and something I can see it being easy for the user – especially for our readers. It’s very innovative, and it’s going to elevate the ease of use for people that see audio as something too technical for them. When I saw it in the display, there was no way I could pass it without awarding it.”


The revolutionary 4-channel, 180-watt amplifier uses proprietary AI to automatically increase the realism, clarity and volume of nearly any audio system with the press of a button. The KEY works with even the most modern factory or aftermarket audio systems, including those equipped with start/stop technology.

Visit kicker.com for more.

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