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George McGoldrick Capped 42 Year Career

BROADVIEW, IL (09.03.2019) – George McGoldrick capped his 42-year career in the 12volt industry during the 2-Day Farewell and Welcome event August 28th and 29th. Mid-State Distributing, which acquired McGoldrick’s AM Distributing business, hosted the event which was held at the AM Distributing facility in Broadview, IL.

A crowd gathered to wish George many happy years in retirement both days.

Tom Kolar, Mid-State Distributing VP of Sales and Marketing, offered “Our goal was to provide a great send off for George’s retirement. In addition, we wanted to meet with dealers and other 12volt industry members in the area as Mid-State is set to continue the great tradition George fostered at AMD. Based on the turnout over the 2 days we feel we achieved our goal.” Mid-State President Jeff Hedden joined Kolar for the 2-Day event.

George flanked by Mid-State brass on Day-1 of the Farewell and Welcome event hosted by Mid-State.

During the two days over 150 12volt industry members spent time at the event to wish George well in his retirement. Factory personnel who traveled to attend the event included Steve Jergensen and Ceasar Olaes-RaceSport Lighting, Mike Rundel-Sony, Paul Trueman-SiriusXM, Tom Nibert-VOXX and Jamie Walt-Jensen/Dual. Staff members from XK Glow, SolarGard, Sonance and area rep firms joined a large number of retailers from the area who attended to wish George many happy retirement years.

Chris did a great job on the grill… wild boar and venison burgers were hit with all.

Lunch and evening meals were served both days. Chris spent a lot of time as the grill master preparing a variety of treats for all.

In his retirement years George will have plenty of time to go Fishin’!

McGoldrick, an avid hunter, offered to 12volt News “Much for the food that Chris had on the grill was from my freezer. With my move to Phoenix I had to empty the freezer. Chris did a great job and all enjoyed wild boar and venison burgers and more.” Brats and hot dogs, with all the trimmings, added to the menu.

RaceSport Lighting’s President Steve Jergensen (R) and National Sales Manager Ceasar Olaes were industry members who traveled to wish George a very happy retirement.

Leading up to the Farewell and Welcome event McGoldrick spent time visiting area dealers to thank them for their business through the years.

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The 12volt News wishes George all the best in his retirement in the Phoenix area. “I attended several of the AMD spring shows and covered dozens more. George and his crew did a super job showing new products to dealers to kick off the 12volt season each year. I also enjoyed the stories of George’s hunting and fishing trips. The 10’ bear, with its 9’ mate, are an amazing pair. All the best George” Mike Van Horn.

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