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Firstech Launches Momento M6 ‘Smart’ Dash Camera

SEATTLE, WA (03.01.2019) – Firstech, maker of aftermarket driver safety and security solutions, has announced the release of the Momento M6 (MD-6200) dash camera system. The Momento M6 is described by Firstech as a “smart” dash camera that connects wirelessly to drivers’ smartphones, making it easier to review, edit, and share video footage.

The Momento M6 system includes front and rear cameras, each equipped with wide-angle lenses capable of recording in 1080p high-definition. The M6 front camera, which resembles a compact, action camera, also features enhanced backlighting thanks to its Sony STARVIS Image Sensor: the industry standard for surveillance camera applications. Lastly, the M6 has built-in motion and shock sensors that trigger “Events,” special recordings that the system stores separately from normal driving footage.

In the event of an accident or hit-and-run, drivers can review video evidence of the incident using the Momento Dash Cam Viewer app, now available for iPhones and Androids. The Momento app works by pairing the user’s smartphone to the Momento M6’s wi-fi “hotspot”. Once this secure connection is established, drivers can edit and download footage from the Momento M6 for the purpose of filing an insurance claim, reporting an incident to the police, or going viral on social media. Alongside video recordings, the Momento app provides additional insights, such as speed, location, and mileage.

“Drivers across the world are realizing that if you’re in an accident, there is no better witness than a dash camera,” shares Firstech’s marketing director, Justin Lee, “the Momento M6 lives true to that by providing superb video quality and an app experience that makes it easier to share video footage with the authorities or on social media.”

Visit www.momentocam.com for more. Authorized Firstech Dealers can also learn more about the Momento M6 at www.myfirstech.com.


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