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Firstech Giving Away $500 a Week for Momento Dash Cam Videos

SEATTLE, WA (04.05.2019) – Firstech, makers of Momento in-vehicle camera solutions, has announced the start of its “#MyMomento” contest, which will reward one driver a week $500. To enter the #MyM omento contest, entrants need to submit a video recorded on a Momento M6 dash camera.

Momento dash camera owners can enter the #MyMomento contest by completing the steps at mymomentocam.com/contest. Every Friday through June, the company will announce one winner of $500 on the Momento Facebook page.

“Everyday, crazy things are happening on the road right before drivers’ eyes,” commented Firstech’s marketing director, Justin Lee. “Through the #MyMomento contest, we hope to share how these exciting incidents are captured in clear detail on Momento dash cameras.”

The #MyMomento contest follows Firstech’s announcement of the Momento M6 “Smart” dash camera system. The M6 is the company’s first dash camera that connects wirelessly to a driver’s smartphone via the Momento app. Using the Momento app, drivers can edit and download videos from the M6 onto their smartphones for the purpose of filing an insurance claim, reporting an incident to the authorities, or going viral on social media.

To learn more about the #MyMomento contest, visit momentocam.com/contest. Visit www.myfirstech.com for more.


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