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Factory Direct Car Audio Open House

LIVONIA, MI (06.05.2019) – The Factory Direct location in Livonia was filled with dealers for the Open House on Monday June 3rd. Super deals, along with donuts in the morning and BBQ for lunch, were on the menu for the event.

Rachel Faber commented to 12volt News “We had not hosted a dealer event for some time. It was great to connect with over 20 dealers in our warehouse. We offered great specials and dealer orders were very good.”

DB Research and Omega Research were vendors on site who supported the Open House.

Ernie Welch, DB Research National Sales Manager related “The Factory Direct Open House was a great day. Dealers were grabbing specials from the new Hypnotic Line that FDM is a full line distributor for. The 1-on-1 interaction with dealers was fantastic, With the specials, door prizes and food FDM hit a home run with their Open House.” Matt Northhouse was also on the DB Research team at the Open House.

Neal Batson, Elite Sales and Marketing, was in the house and showed dealers the latest products from Omega Research.

“The DB Research BlueTooth controller, mid-bass drivers and 18” subwoofer really got a lot of attention from dealers” Faber added.

Concluding Faber offered “With the success of this event we will definitely plan for another event in the not too distant future. A big thank you to our dealers for coming and to DB Research and Omega Research for their support.”

Visit factorydirectcaraudio.com for more.

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